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 A .Net implementation of the BiDi (Bi-Directional) algorithm. (


Two .Net libraries for reading TIFF and GeoTIFF files. (


SharpDevelop (#Develop) is a free, open-source project that aims to deliver a modern, full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for .Net languages. (

My SharpDevelop Blog

As a developer in the #Develop project, I have a blog there, where I describe my progress in writing the Class Diagram addin (see below), and some other things as well. To my #Develop blog

Class Diagram Addin 


 An addin (in development) that displays the class diagram of a project in SharpDevelop, similar to the one in MS Visual Studio 2005.

This addin started as an external (3rd party) addin for #Develop 2.1 (, but quickly became an official, built in addin for the yet unreleased #Develop 3.0.

Core Projects

In order to make the Class Diagram addin, I needed some drawing  toolkit that will allow me to layout, arrange, draw and interact with the different elements. As no such toolkit was available for me, I wrote "Diagrams" (can be found in the subversion repository of the Class Diagram addin), which is used to define the layout of the elements, and calculate routes between related elements. Still far from perfect, but its a good start :-).

Additional Addins

Along with the Class Diagram addin, a small set of addins is also available:

  • Class Editor - allowing visual editing of a class API.
  • Class Wizard - allowing visual creation of new classes and interfaces using a wizard-like form.

NeoDataType / AGE


NeoDataType ( is a reports project maintained by Fabio Zanetta.

As part of the reports tools he wrote he needed a good graphic canvas and designer tools, written for the .Net and based on the standard GDI+ library. That's how he decided to write AGE - Another Graphics Engine.

While looking for a good graphics engine and a canvas component myself, as part of the class canvas diagram (long after it was written, since I got tired maintaining it, and figured better solutions must exist somewhere - reuse is the keyword here :-) ), I came across AGE. After taking a deep look I figured it could work with some minor changes and improvements, and so I started adding the features I was missing (8 handles instead of 3, zoom support, theme support...).

I sent my version to Fabio, and after some mutual reviews and fixes, this version is now official.

I hope to begin the conversion work form Diagrams I wrote to AGE soon...

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