Itai Ater 
Associate Professor

Business Economics & Strategy Area

Coller School of Management 

Tel Aviv 

University, Israel 


Working papers/work in progress      
Published papers
  1. Internalization of Congestion at US Hub Airports, Journal of Urban Economics, 2012 72: 196-209
  2. Do Customers Learn from Experience? Evidence from Retail Banking, Management Science, 2013 59(9): 2019-2035. With V. Landsman, featured in TheMarker (17.03.14, Hebrew), TheMarker (26.03.14, Hebrew), Calcalist (02.08.13, Hebrew) 
  3. The Effect of the Internet on Productivity and Quality: Evidence from the Airline IndustryReview of Economics and Statistics, 2015, 97(1), 180-194. with E. Orlov, featured in the Atlantic, 12.04.17)
  4. Price Control and Advertising in Franchised Chains, Strategic Management Journal, 2015, 36, 148-158, with O. Rigbi
  5. Vertical Foreclosure in Shopping Malls: Evidence from Shopping Malls, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 2015, 24, 620-642. Featured in Calcalist (05.12.10, Hebrew) 
  6. Organizational Structure, Police Activity and Crime, Journal of Public Economics, 2014, 115(1), 62-71), with O. Rigbi and Y. Givati, featured in Ha'aretz (05.06.2013, Hebrew), US News & World Report (24.04.14)
  7. The Economics of Rights: Can the Right to Counsel Increase Crime?American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2016, 9(2) 1-27, (lead article), with Y. Givati and O. Rigbi
  8. Round Prices and Price Rigidity: Evidence from Outlawing Non-Zero Digit Price EndingsJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 144 (2017), 188-203, with O. Gerlitz 
  9. Sellers’ Willingness to Compromise on Price – A Novel Index to Identify Pricing Trends in The Housing Market, Israeli Economic Review 16(2), 2018, 63-96. with I. Popliker
  10. Testing Alternative Learning Theories: Evidence from Subscription ContractsJournal of Industrial Economics66.4 (2018): 763-815 (lead article), with V. Landsman

We (Joint with Yair Antler) are organizing a workshop in Industrial Organization, Regulation and Competition Policy in Israel. 
The next workshop will be held on Monday, December 16, 2019 at Tel Aviv University. See more details at the Call for Papers.