This site is intended to supplement the volume Innovations in Teaching Abstract Algebra published by the Mathematical Association of America as volume #60 in the Notes series. This book is intended for faculty who are teaching abstract algebra for the first time or for a seasoned instructor who is interested in trying new approaches in his/her course.

This site provides up-to-date sources for all materials, software, and web sites referenced in all of the articles. To fully appreciate some of the articles, the reader may wish to visit the corresponding article for the color images that could not be captured in the black and white printed production. Use either the Table of Contents section or the Articles, by author section to find the appropriate article.

The other sections indicated on the left are hopefully clear. The Preface contains the actual Preface from the volume. The section Software for this volume contains information about each software program mentioned in the articles (with appropriate links for finding the software). The Errata contains a list of errors currently known (with corrections) and a form for submitting undocumented ones. The Ordering information section takes you to pages on the MAA site for further information. 

This site will be updated as needed. Please e-mail corrections or suggestions to hibbardac@gmail.com.