InDUAD Software 




Yes, InDUAD (Inactive aNd Disabled Users from Active Directory) developed in C# (yes, again, C#).

This software retrieves all users that have been disabled or have an inactive status in Active Directory Domain on Windows 2003 Server from a specific amount of days back.


Well, first, I found that the Microsoft Active Directory Services aka ActiveDS component is very useful to develop this kind of applications.

using ActiveDs;

Then, I learned what can be done with it:


Active Directory works somehow like SQL, but with this component your life can be easier.

Now, how it Works?

First, you need to add your domain or domains.

NEW: You can query one domain controller or two (comma separated), please, see the examples in the application.

Then, select the domain that you want to query from the domains list.

Provide the username and password of the user that has administrative privileges in Active Directory.

Click in the big magnifying glass.

And voila!, you have all the information you need, now you can save it in html or xls format.

This software was developed for my PCI report needs and is free to use so don't blame me if it doesn't work for you :).