Gameskin Tanning Handbook

ISTT used to run a 2 day practical gameskin tanning course. For a number of reasons this course is no longer run. However, ISTT still receives many requests from people who wish to tan their own gameskins. Due to this demand, ISTT sells the course material as a practical handbook. 

The handbook covers the following topics:

Preservation of Hides and Skins
Skin Structure
Basic Measurements and Calculations
The Theory of Tanning
Simple Process for Tanning Hair-on Gameskins
Process for Tanning Very Soft Hair-on Gameskins
Effluent Treatment and Disposal
Consultants for Tannery Effluent Disposal
Equipment Needed to Start a Small Gameskin Tannery
Possible Chemicals that can be Used for Hair-on Gameskin Processing
Chemical Suppliers
Equipment Suppliers
Approximate Water Usage for the Simple Tanning of Hair-on Gameskins
Approximate Water Usage When Using a Complex Tanning Process for Hair-on Gameskins
Approximate Chemical Cost per Skin Tanned Using the Simple Tanning Process
Approximate Chemical Cost per Skin Tanned Using the More Complex Tanning Process
How to Recycle the Pickle and Tanning Liquors

cost of the handbook is R395 incl VAT & postage.