Course Fees


Short Courses

Introduction to the Leather Industry                                                      R 3 750

(1 Assignment & Exam)

Chemical Safety in the Tannery                                                              R 3 750

(1 Assignment & Exam)

Level 2 NQF Courses

 Basic Level Tanning                                                                                    R9 000

 Basic Level Dyehouse                                                                                R9 000

 Basic Level Finishing                                                                                 R9 000


Level 3 NQF Courses

Intermediate Level Tanning                                                                       R10 900

Intermediate Level Dyehouse                                                                    R10 900

Intermediate Level Finishing                                                                     R10 900


Level 4 NQF Courses

Advanced Level Tanning                                                                       R12 000

Advanced Level Dyehouse                                                                    R12 000

Advanced Level Finishing                                                                     R12 000


Advanced Certificate in Leather Technology (NQF Level 4)

Module 1         Advanced Level Tanning                                              R12 000

Module 2         Advanced Level Dyehouse                                            R12 000

Module 3         Advanced Level Finishing                                             R12 000

Module 4         Clean Technologies                                                       R12 000

Module 5         Miscellaneous Tannages                                               R12 000           

Module 6         Final Practical Project                                                    R 9 000                                      


1.            The course fees exclude VAT.

2.            Registration and examination fees are included in the course fee.

3.           Examinations are normally written on-site at each company and at the company's expense. Examinations written off- site will be for                           the company's account.

4.            The cost of repeating a course is 25% of the full course fee. Should a student need to repeat a Practical Module, they will be                                        responsible for the accommodation cost while attending the Practical Module.

5.            The course fees include the cost of all notes and handouts.

6.            The course fees include the tuition cost of the Practical Modules at ISTT.

7.             Full accommodation can be arranged by ISTT at a cost of R825 per person per day. Transporting students to and from ISTT, and money                for food is included in this fee (from breakfast on the first day of the course until lunch on the last day of                                                                    the course). Students must ensure that they are sorted with their meals on the day of their arrival in Grahamstown, including their                          breakfast and lunch on the first day of the course. The shuttle will stop at Pick 'n Pay before coming out to ISTT in the mornings so                        that  students can buy their breakfast and lunch for the day.  Accommodation bookings must be confirmed with ISTT at least 2 weeks                    before the start of the course. Alternatively, students may wish to arrange their own accommodation while attending Practical Modules.

8. Students will receive R60 cash per meal.

Certificate in Wastewater Process Operations

(2½ Day Practical/ Lecture – Not Compulsory)

                                                        Course fees                                                                                          R8 000


1.         The course fees exclude VAT.

2.         Registration and examination fees are included in the course fees.

3.         This is a Level 2 NQF course and includes a 2½-day practical (practical date still to be fixed)

4.         Practical: Day 1 & 2 = Lecture / Day 3 = Exam

5.         Accommodation, meals and transport for own arrangement and account.




Namibian, Zimbabwean and Botswana Students:


Due to the high cost of postage to foreign countries, course fees will be increased by R900 per student/per course for the above countries.