Project updates

Again, it is:
Participant Code: 9961906

Logistical Issues to Resolve with ISTE

posted Apr 22, 2010, 8:12 PM by Karen Ortiz   [ updated Apr 26, 2010, 8:10 PM ]

 Michelle and I need your questions by April 28th.

- Ruby Severson, TIE Board member, would like to work at the bootcamp registration area. Will you need any other assistance?
- I am deaf and need either CART or asign language interpreter - Jeff Kitterman
- Will Jayne be available for Sat morning opening?

Conference Call 2-5-10

posted Feb 1, 2010, 6:47 PM by Michelle Bourgeois   [ updated Feb 8, 2010, 7:22 PM ]


Logo and Branding
What specific branding should go with any resources we build?
Do we have a logo to use for the bootcamp?
Michelle will task a volunteer designer to create a unique logo for the Leadership Bootcamp
ISTE and TIE branding will be included in spaces
Donella/Anita and Karen will forward on the appropriate logos on to Michelle for use in any online spaces
Any branding created/used for materials that include the ISTE logos should be run by Anita and Donella first

Send any materials, links, etc to Donella and Anita so they can cross-promote

Virtual sessions updates
Speakers, dates, and times are listed on the site here - all virtual sessions will be hosted via Elluminate and Classroom 2.0
Donella and Anita are working with Steve Hargadon to have Jeff Piontek host a virtual event prior to the Bootcamp.  We will integrate the information about this event into the Leadership Bootcamp information.
Steve will moderate and archive these events. Alison Saylor is the point person for communicating with the virtual speakers.

Virtual conversations updates
Ning site for Bootcamp conversations is currently being built.
Initial invitation for moderators has been sent (Karl, Laura and Ben) and they are working with Bud to pre-populate the site with resources and conversation starters.  This site will be the primary landing page for Bootcamp links.
Advertising on site - ISTE will pay for the advertising to be removed.
Anita and/or Donella will join the site and be given admin access so that they can enter billing information.
Go date for Ning site will be no later than March 3 (earlier if possible)

Donella and Anita will cross promote this site also- make sure to send any info to them.

Facilitated Roundtable reconfiguration
New configuration will allow 60 minute sessions following each of 2 breakouts
Initial invitation for facilitators (1 per 10-15 participants) - will initially invite 20 people and add additional facilitators as needed.
Training plan for facilitators - several online sessions will be held to walk facilitators through the process and prepare them for their role. 
Information about the protocols to be used and training times will be relayed when determined.

Proposed new schedule for the day - accepted and site will be updated accordingly
    8:00-8:50 Keynote and welcome
    9:00-9:40 Breakout 1
    9:55-10:35 Breakout 2
    10:45-11:45 Facilitated discussions
    12:00:1:00 Lunch
    1:10-1:50 Breakout 3
    2:05-2:45 Breakout 4
    2:55-3:55 Facilitated Discussions
    4:00-5:00 Panel and Wrapup

Advertising and promotion
Karen and Patrick are working with Donita to organize the Friday event.
Partners in planning/hosting
Classroom 2.0 and Elluminate (Steve Hargadon)
National Writing Project

Registration information.
Registration available beginning February 17. ISTE will update the verbiage on the Leadership Bootcamp page on their site to reflect the current description. Updated description that will be used is on the front page of this planning site.

Question will be included on registration for Bootcamp to determine which audience participants identify with (Admin/IT/Teaching and Learning)
Is there a way to determine if people are registering as part of a team?

Assumption will be made that all participants will bring a laptop or other device that will need wireless connectivity - wireless infrastructure for the day will be designed accordingly.

Karen will develop menu for lunch with ISTE. Plated lunch will be preferred to buffet style so that participants can engage in talks more quickly. Michelle requests steak and brownies be on the menu. (And caffeine - lots of caffeine)

Conference Call Jan 20, 4p mst, 3p pst

posted Jan 18, 2010, 3:30 PM by Alison Saylor   [ updated Jan 20, 2010, 4:53 PM by Michelle Bourgeois ]

-Keynote - settle on someone today? ask Anita what the expertise of choice 1 is, then ask that person or fall back to choice 2. Ask one for lunch and one for AM keynotes for best possible combination. Anita will ask for keynote AM for Bootcamp. She will also ask choice 2 after we know about choice 11 acceptance. Anita will take care of invites. Ask choice 2, arrange or tie together different stories of successes, less intense lunch and moderate at end of day.

-Online component, Bud Hunt, Steve Hargadon and Illuminate. Yet to discuss the capture of Bootcamp day elements
get at least 3, possibly four, also a Ning space for discussion of online piece. Leadership bootcamp has it's own identity for continuing event own space now. 

-Publicity - Iste's ideas on publicity aside from their site, I think we should hit local in Colorado but in some way reach out nationally, perhaps a seperate email to ISTE attendees list?  Will present at Colo conversation in Feb to Colorado people. 

-Evening event and sponsor, length, activity? Patrick, Anita, Karen will plan, more next week. Patrick will recruit exhibitors. If we want more, we will plan. meet, network, get lay-of-land, community building. Plan icebreaker, visit booths, meet new people. 

-Event sponsors, who will contact, what exactly we should ask ISTE working on this part, interest? regional or local?

-Go over breakout speaker list, notified, asked for confirmation and description by Feb 8. Need ~20 facilitators for day, some training, id their strand balance some of each type. 

-Best time and day of week for pre-conference sessions ISTE advises both Sat AM and weekend to meet all needs, also archived. 

-Advertise day at Colorado Conversation 2.20

-Wireless access

-Pricing different $155.00 on ISTE site, vs $212.32? quoted in email from Linda Trunnel   Price is $155.

-Marketing, more about day

? lunch, Karen will details -- f2f March 3rd 
Waive bootcamp registration for speakers and facilitators, no need for badge
Support people - NO need for registration, will get badge. Be specific they want to go to conference they do need to register for that. Only Bootcamp is free. 

Conference call number: 1-866-939-8416
Participant Code: 9961906

Attending: Alison, Anita, Karen, Michelle, Erin, Jane, 

Dec 21 Phone Meeting

posted Dec 21, 2009, 8:51 AM by Michelle Bourgeois   [ updated Dec 21, 2009, 3:38 PM ]


Decide on Keynote Speaker
  •     Chris Lehmann would be a good choice for tie-in to ISTE conference
  •     Bud Hunt is top local choice and also has a national voice.
  •     Will wait until January to finalize and invite based on outcome of ISTE Keynote poll.

Make and take planning
  •     Framework for the plan is posted on the "Make and Take Planning" page on the left.
  •     Will design the plan to follow the framework of the day
  •     Will include spaces and suggestions for related ISTE sessions and exhibitors
  •     Should live online - (Google Sites or Docs templates? Wiki?) Will work to incorporate this into the pre-conferences spaces conversations.

Fill in contributors frame with participants

  • Michelle will begin to place people into the "Contributors Frame" to the left
  • First slots offered to names who can bring the most to the conversations
  • Follow up with others to fill in the gaps
  • Still need to build a list of people who can speak to the IT audience
  • Goal is to have the grid completed in very early January
  • Moderators for the Vertical chats can be added as needed depending on the number attending
  • Also need people to help keep the pre-conference online conversations moving
  • Some of these roles may overlap
Pre conference online spaces (read notes there)
  • Will work with Bud Hunt to develop spaces that meet the goals outlined
  • The online spaces will be branded with "Leadership Bootcamp" and then sub-branded with ISTE 2010, TIE, and corporate sponsors so the continuity of the project is independent of the organization and sponsorship
Pre-conference events
  •     March is a good time to start with pre-conference events
  •     Majority of people register by end of March, May is the time when people start using the planning tools
  •     Monthly events will help to build the conversations and thinking prior to the day event. Will try to spread out the pre-conference sessions between all 3 audiences and 4 breakout session themes
  •     ISTE will begin early marketing in January.
  •     Word of mouth marketing will be important - getting our breakout speakers and others on board early is key
  •     Patrick Mount will be the representative for TIE's marketing
  •     Friday meet and greet with vendors will be framed around local vendors and supporters of TIE
Next meeting - Sometime January 8. Use the link to select the times you can be available.

Room setup
  • Kim and Karen have info on the room sizes
  • We advise round-table setup for all rooms.

Phone conference 12/9

posted Dec 8, 2009, 4:58 PM by Alison Saylor   [ updated Dec 9, 2009, 3:49 PM ]

  • Short meeting
  • Set deadline for speaker responses - 12/18, Please invite Thursday via email.
  • NETS will be reinforced in each strand each session.
       We will ask presenters to include those that apply as one focus
  • Next phone meeting 12/21? time  to firm up presenters and find gaps
  • Move from Google doc to website for communication and planning
  • Place confirmed presenters on presenter page or email Alison and I'll post
  • Advertising the day? ISTE, keynote will help sell
  • Other concerns?
Meeting Notes
  • In attendance Karen, Anita, Donella, Alison, Mike
  • Bud Hunt will take care of our streaming for the day, I will put him in touch with Anita so she can connect him with ISTE IT. (too many acronyms)
  • We will firm up our attendee list, I will transfer all interest forms to the presenters link on this site by strand.
  • Dec 21st at 10 MST, 9 PST we will have a conference call initiated by Donella to discuss any holes in the day and brainstorm possible presenters to fill them. Our goal is to have the grid filled by January
  • Michelle and I will send a request to presenters for an outline of their topic and that they specifically include how NETS are being integrated in their strand/topic
  • Michelle and I have requested advice from ISTE in short list for keynote
  • Marketing will start up in January once the Keynote is chosen
  • ISTE/TIE bootcamp logo will come with marketing
  • Mike will send form for presenter/panel to key librarian people so they are include
  • Pre and post day events in March, April and September will be free events. We are hopeful that the pre events will encourage those attendees to register for the Bootcamp day
  • Talk to you all Monday Dec 21st at 9/10. 
  • Call details 66.939.8416 // Passcode: 2097304

Dec 21 phone meeting

posted Nov 24, 2009, 10:47 AM by Alison Saylor


Decide on Keynote
Make and take plan
Fill in presenter grid
Pre conference space read notes there
Marketing January, who
We advise round-table setup for all rooms.

Email contacts for presenters / keynotes

posted Oct 19, 2009, 10:41 PM by Sample User   [ updated Nov 24, 2009, 11:36 AM by Alison Saylor ]

I'm sending you all an email with a link the the Google From and points to include in the contact you make. Please note yes/no responses on the presenter page.

Next Call Dec 9, 4pm

posted Oct 19, 2009, 9:47 PM by Sample User   [ updated Nov 24, 2009, 10:43 AM by Alison Saylor ]

Phone Conference Nov 5, 2009

posted Oct 19, 2009, 9:46 PM by Sample User   [ updated Jan 24, 2010, 6:52 PM by Michelle Bourgeois ]

Participants Alison Saylor, Michelle Bourgeois, Karen Ortiz, Elizabeth Hubbell (McREL) Anita McAnear, ...

Discussion about possibly conflicting events: Edublogger, ISTE preconference sessions, Leadership Bootcamp

Promotion: blurb in ISTE flyer, email lists from prior TIE participants, ILT listserv?, Regis @ DU?,

Here is a recap of the phone meeting tonight. Please help me clarify if I forgot anything.

Next meeting - tentative, November 18th at 4pm, but if the 17 or 19 is better, we can work for that. I'd like you to reply on your availability so we can set up the call. I'll give you all a reminder Monday the 16th with conf call info.

__ Kim McMonagle: Yes, Nov 18 (Nov 17 and 19 are also good)
__ Elizabeth Hubbell: Yes
__Nancy White - Not available (CAL Board meeting) but still interested in being involved!
__Jayne James - Yes Available and can also do Nov 19 5 pm

We addressed Alison's concern over conflicting events. The workshops will take place Sat, Sun, and during the conference. Educon will probably not be an issue since the audience is not the same. Not sure that is true - but people always need to make choices with so much going on at national conferences. -Nancy White 11/13/09 2:05 PM 

ISTE will market this event, it is already mentioned on the first flyer.

Donnela asked several clarifying questions based on the Google doc

I believe she and Anita now have an better understanding of our vision for the day.

We need to make sure we have all presenters focus on the NETS communication and collaboration standard specifically.

We will work with an instructional designer Jayne James, I have shared the Google doc with her

We will be assigned a program coordinator Lauren Lucas as soon as plans are more developed.

Karen has shared a marketing idea list at:
UCD ILT list server suggested, I'll contact Brent Wilson about his, I will also contact Regis, DU, UNC and CU for advertising to their tech ed programs. How can CASL get involved - help spread the word?  -Nancy White 11/13/09 2:07 PM **CASL is on the list of Marketing contacts. I put Heidi down as the CASL contact. Is there someone else who would be better, Nancy?  Stevan Kalmon is the Regional Marketing rep. - Karen 11/18/09

Our TIE board contacts are Erin Magley and Mike Herr. Karen Oritz will keep in the loop. Randy Stall in loop but very busy right now at work. ** Kim McMonagle will also help.

Karen and Anita will look for presenters that fit in to our grid when they work through the workshop and conference sessions next week.  **Kim McMonagle is offering to present.
** I think a combination of national and statewide presenters/facilitators will draw in a wide variety of stakeholders (remember, if we can't fill it, we don't have it.) In the process of going through proposals, we came up with a few names of national people who may be good.

Jayne James, ISTE Senior Director of Educational Leadership, will have additional suggestions and insights. Obviously, we need to find the best match(es) for the program offerings. Karen 11/18/09

Alison will schedule future calls and initiate them with reminder calls in the future to avoid confusion.

Brainstorm Oct 14, 2009

posted Oct 19, 2009, 9:44 PM by Sample User   [ updated Nov 24, 2009, 10:40 AM by Alison Saylor ]

Participants: Anita McAnear (ISTE), Alison Saylor, Michelle Bourgeois, Mike Herr, Randy Stall, Karen Ortiz

Leading with Connection: Make and Take a Plan for Today!

Impacting systems from the classroom to the boardroom, this day-long session is about exploring innovative learning tools and best practices for building capacity for progress at all levels and taking home plans to make them work from teacher to admin to IT.

More carefully define Audinece?
Audience: Educators world-wide who are ready to lead the development of communication and collaboration vehicles within their educational organizations.


The ISTE2010 Leadership Bootcamp is designed to provide leadership teams and individual leaders a chance:

•    To build capacity for change at all levels

•    To explore EMERGING COMMUNICATION tools and platforms for vertical and horizontal communication

•    to work meaningfully with others and share best practices/ideas

•    to develop a plan for implementing and evaluating processes to transform communication and provide for collaboration at their school districts

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