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Contributors Frame - Confirmed Participants

Creating and Maximizing Learning Networks (People)

Preconference Session - Bud Hunt  - March

Online Moderator: Laura Deisley

  Online Discussions
 Admin  Scott Elias
 IT  Steve Dembo
Teaching and Learning
  Lucy Gray

Communication and Collaboration Tools (Spaces)

Preconference Session - Kim Cofino - May

Online Moderator: Karl Fisch

  Online Discussions
 Admin  Scott McLeod
 IT  Mark Benno
Teaching and Learning
  Karl Fisch/Mike Porter

Communication and Collaboration Practices (Actions)

Preconference Session - Dean Shareski - June

Online Moderator: Ben Wilkoff

  Online Discussions
 Admin  Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
 IT  Dan Magyar
Teaching and Learning
  Carl Owens

Building Policy to Support Vision (Protocols)

Preconference Session - Larry Anderson - April

Online Moderator: Bud Hunt

  Online Discussions
 Admin  Kate Kemker
 IT  Dan Maas/Mike Porter
 Teaching and Learning
 Elizabeth Hubbell/Howard Pitler

Vertical Chat (Roundtable) Moderators:

Names in italics have been invited, names in bold have confirmed.

Barbara Barreda

Chris ONeal
Mali Bickley
Richard Alcantar
Vicki Davis
Karen Percak
Kim McMonagle
Katie Morrow
Ryan Imbriale
Gordon Shupe
Jim Carleton
Gordon Worley
Stevan Kalmon
Larry Anderson
Phil Goerner
Paula White
Sheilah Smith
Erin Magley
Chris Coffelt
Michael Wacker