Keynote OR presenter possibilities

Desirable Outcomes:
  • name recognition; dynamic presenter with appeal to all three strands, especially district and school administrators
  • will craft a keynote address that sets the tone for the day based upon the goals, activities (NETS driven) and deliverables for the face-to-face meeting
  • can walk their talk; experience with using learning networks, communication and collaboration tools and practices to build policy and support vision throughout an educational organization
Our general direction was to look for someone who paint a vision of what can happen to improve student learning and attainment of 21st century skills with a good communication and collaboration systems and policies in place. He or she would be able to articulate what a good communication and collaboration system could do to rally all stakeholders from the community to the students themselves and engage them in collaborating locally and globally.

We were looking for an administrator in a successful system or someone knowledgeable about more than one successful system as the ideal keynote.