Pre-Conference Events

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Advertise event beginning in January
Advertise Colo Conversation 2/20

Pre-Conference Virtual Sessions

To be hosted on Classroom 2.0 with Steve Hargadon using Elluminate

March 10,   Pre-conference teaser Keynote
   Bud Hunt
   Strand 1 Focus and Introduction to the Leadership Bootcamp 

April 14, 7mst, 8 central
   Dr. Larry Anderson - National Center for Technology Planning 
   Strand 4 Focus Intro - Acceptable Use Policy

May 5, 7pm (Thailand May 4 9am)
Kim Cofino
   Strand 2 Focus Communication and Collaboraton tools (Kim Cofino)

June 2, 7pm
   Dean Shareski

   Strand 3 Communication and Collaboration Practices

Steve  Hargadon will let us use his Elluminate vehicle to present these pre-conference events. There will be no charge for these events. It would be beneficial to tap into ISTE's webinar infrastructure to broadcast and archive the keynote

 - Link to the schedule organizer

Friday Night Meet and Greet

June 25 - ISTE/TIE Leadership Bootcamp Kickoff Event and Colorado Corporate Showcase -
Sponsored by TIE Colorado's Corporate Exhibitors, this evening reception will be an opportunity to network with others attending the event.

Pre-Conference Conversations

Leadership Bootcamp Ning

  • Spaces for asynchronous discussions by strand and/or by theme. Ning site being created and planned by Bud Hunt with the assistance of Karl Fisch, Laura Deisley, and Ben Wilkoff.
  • Initial list of interested moderators/contributors in Bootcamp Facilitators Survey. Call for participation will go out when site is ready for contributions - preferably either concurrent with or just prior to first pre-conference virtual session.
  • Space for "Make and Take" template downloads, optionally an online space for creating plan. Templates can either be linked in the Ning or created as Google Docs Templates with appropriate tags.