1 Creating and Maximizing Learning Networks

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    Creating and Maximizing Learning Networks
      • How does knowledge of the networks around us help us to work more effectively?
      • From your role, how can developing a learning network help you?
      • What learning networks are already there for you to join? 
      • What networks can you help to create/support/learn/grow?

    Breakout Session Presenter: Scott Elias, Assistant Principal, Loveland High School, Loveland, CO

    Session Title: Always-On Professional Development

    Session Description: Networking sure is fun, but does connecting online with like-minded educators have real benefits to our professional practice? In this session, we will explore how school and district leaders can leverage the reach of networking tools to join, create, and maintain virtual learning communities. We will discuss how ongoing, informal networking can support a culture of learning and innovation within your school or district that reaches far beyond the local community or the hours of the school day.

    Breakout Session Presenter: Steve Dembo, Online Community Manager, Discovery Education

    Session Title: The Perpetual Learning Machine.

    Session Description: Personal Learning Networks (PLN's) provide leaders the opportunity to create a culture of professional development that extends far beyond the traditional 3 institute days per year.  We will discuss how learning communities are empowering educators and producing a climate of perpetual innovation within the schools that embrace them.

    Teaching and Learning
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