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3 Communication and Collaboration Practices

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Communication and Collaboration Practices 
    • How do we communicate?  Where?  When?  To Whom?
    • What considerations need to be at the forefront as you develop practices within your school or district community?
    • How might you create, facilitate, and encourage the use of digital spaces?

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Breakout Session Presenter: Dan Magyar, Help Desk Technician, St. Vrain Valley School District, Longmont, CO

Session Title: Don't Wait for the Grail

Session Description: IT, our job is customer service. There is nothing we do that is not for someone else. We have information that our customers need and can use. Share it with them now, don’t wait for them to ask.  Make  data sharing part of your daily routine. You have the tools to present useful and timely answers in a professional and elegant fashion; use them. Give great customer service now.

Teaching and Learning
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