Tentative Agenda

Attendee Sign In Sheet

Introduction and setup (20 minutes)

  • Introductions:
    • Name, where you are from, what is your background?
    • What do you hope to get out of this workshop?
    • Raffle App (text Ralph when prompted)
  • What is CSP?
  • Overview of Mobile CSP PD Branches:
    • Mobile CS Principles: The course that students take.
    • Teaching Mobile CSP: Lesson plans and other resources for teachers.

App Inventor Lesson Plans (70 minutes)

Non-Programming Lesson Plans (20 minutes)

Assessment Materials -- Quizzes, exams, rubrics (15 minutes)

Setting Up a Course (10 minutes)

  • Principal's consent
  • Recruitment
  • Equipment

Summer 2016 PD (15 minutes)

  • Visit Participate Page for more information and application
  • Logistics
  • Pedagogical Approach