Nonlinguistic Representation

Classroom Recommendations:
  • Use graphic organizers to represent knowledge.
  • Have students create physical models of the knowledge.
  • Have students generate mental pictures of the knowledge they are learning.
  • Use pictographs to represent knowledge.
  • Have students engage in kinesthetic representations of the knowledge.

Jigsaw Graphic Organizers Activity

In a group of 3-4, have each person choose one of these to explore and share.


  1. Group decides who will look at which site.
  2. Individual members take 5 minutes to explore their assigned site
  3. Expert groups convene and discuss/explore site together for 5 minutes
  4. Individuals return to their base group and share their site with the group. Each member has 2 minutes to share their site and 2 minutes to take questions from the group.
Applications Exploration and Reflection Activity Explore some of the sites below.
Gizmos -
Make Beliefs Comix -
National Library of Virtual Math Manipulatives -
How would you use one of the sites you just visited to enhance student learning? Where is the sequence of learning would one of these sites fit? Reply in a comment below.


Wolfram Alpha Course Assistant Apps

iPad Apps
The Orchestra
Pie Chart 3D
Wolfram Alpha
Google Earth
Solar Walk
Star Walk