Let's Flash Mob ISTE!

Thanks to everyone who came out and had a blast with us!

  1. The flashmob will take place in and around the Blogger's Cafe. Get in as close to this area as comfortable. Music will start at around 3:30 (between the ISTE Unplugged sessions). Try and get there at least 15 minutes early to casually find a spot.
  2. Face the direction of the Lobby Ambassador next to the Blogger's Cafe (it is on the right side when facing Broad Street). We will have a guy in a superman shirt on the stairs filming the action from above. Other cameras will be moving around filming.
  3. We will have the music as loud as we can, but you may have to follow those around you to stay together with the routine. Music will come from two speakers near the television monitor in the Blogger's Cafe.
  4. For safety, please do not dance on the stairs or escalators. Also, do not block a door or walking area. We want to make sure everyone is safe and people can move around us.
  5. Feel free to stagger your entrance. If you're close to the television monitor/music speakers, you can start the song as soon as you hear the music. Everyone else, come in at the countdown, or at a later point in the song to give the illusion of people randomly joining in.
  6. Instead of punching on the final note, strike whatever pose you want. Hold it for about 5 seconds, and then casually walk away and go back to what you were doing as if nothing ever happened.
We will be collecting the footage from the cameras and editing an official video of the flashmob to put on youtube. This may be after the conference, but we will tweet and email the link out to those that signed up.

Thanks for cutting loose and having fun with us. We hope this creates a great #ISTE11 memory for you and others at the conference. (Bonus: you can check "Be in a flashmob" off of your bucket list.)

-Michelle & Tim

Imagine dozens (or even hundreds) of us, converging in one spot at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and showing off our sweet moves in a choreographed dance. People will be shocked, some will smile, others will laugh, and we, my friends, will having blast! It's going to be fun, but we need you. 

Monday, June 27, 2011 @ 3:30ish!

Step 1: SIGN UP!
Don't over think it, just commit and be there. 

The Official Sign Up Form

Step 2: RECRUIT!
Promote this like crazy! Send this site via twitter, facebook, text message, email or carrier pigeon to everyone you know going to ISTE 11 in Philly. Get your friends to sign up. Make them! It takes a village to make a flash mob!

Watch the videos below and follow along as John Jacobson (the guy from the Sprint commercial) teaches you his viral internet dance! When watching the front view video, you want to move in the opposite direction, so you match the dance when it is shown from the back. (I know, complicated dance lingo, but you can do it! Jazz hands!)

  Location: Broad Street Atrium in front of Blogger's Cafe 
  Date: Monday, June 27, 2011
  Time: 3:30 (be there by 3:15)

Show up about 15 minutes early and act casual around the area. When you hear the music, let those double dream hands loose and have some fun. Remember, the more fun you have, the more fun the audience will have. As soon as the song ends, walk away casually, or go back to what you were doing as if nothing happened.

Check this site & the hashtag #isteflashmob on the day of the Flash Mob, just in case we have any final directions or details to get out.

Feel free to contact Michelle or Tim.