First Workshop on Systems Thinking @Strath

Systems thinking is useful well beyond systems engineering, yet it is hardly widely known and often even less practised in daily life.

There are a few 'systems thinkers' in Scotland, and they come from different backgrounds, disciplines and theoretical perspectives.

This informal workshop aims to bring together systems thinkers (as well as people interested to learn more) here in Scotland, to share their expertise and world view, and hopefully help to advance the state of the art of systems thinking and practice in the region.

Practitioners, researchers, academics as well as people from the wider community who may be interested to add something to the mix, are invited to join this informal self organised day of short talks and make a contribution in the form of a few slides.

Although this work can be loosely defined as 'exploratory research' at this stage, it is not intended as
to be 'academic', rather an informal experimental setting.

Everyone welcome to contribute and to lead the next steps.


10.00-10.30         Coffee, Networking,

10.30-11.00         Welcome and Introductions
11.00-12.30       Participants presentations and discussion
12.30-13.30         Sandwich lunch (courtesy of DMEM Strathclyde)
13.30 -14.30        More participants presentations and discussion
14.30-15.30         Open discussion, future steps

15.30-16.00         Wrap up and Close

(Participants can stay a bit longer to network if they wish)

Max 15 mins (less OK) plus max 5 mins for questions/discussions 
(the allocated max slot time could become shorter
if many people want to give a presentation, announcement will follow)

10-15 slides as follows
  • about you and your work, 
  • your domain of interest, 
  • perspective on systems thinking
  • preferred definitions  and core concepts your view of the world depends on
  • fav sources of systems knowledge
  • challenges, projects, plans
  • what you may want to share with others

23 July 2010, 
Room 329 
James Weir Bldg 
75 Montrose St

This workshop is free, and everybody is welcome, but registration is mandatory and places are limited.

 (sorry the link was incorrect before!! now it works!)

if you would like to make a short presentation


Follow up Notes (You can edit this page by entering your thoughts, dont forget to save by clicking on the disk icon)

discussion group for this workshop to follow up and interact with participants even if you are not in attendance.
Sign up if interested to continue the discussions after the event

(if desired, enter details about you, your organisation and your systems thinking knowledge here)

Output of feedback forms and capability map
(whatever you write in the forms 1) and 2) above, will be collected in the spreadsheet on this page)