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Stephane, Jim

Thanks for inviting me to participate in the workshop in Paris, and I am sorry I will not be there in person, I'd love the opportunity to work together, which I hope will repeat itself in the future

(After finishing a 3 years  PhD in UK, I came back to Asia where I was living til 08. Teaching means my travel is constrained by term dates, also I avoid such long haul short term travel if at all possible!!)


Here are a few thoughts that I would be grateful you could consider as input for the workshop and for future developments in this direction

- my main motivation:  I  have been teaching a range of IT related subjects in the last ten years (such as software engineering  and information technology) and have personally noticed the shift toward web centered technologies becoming stronger: not only we need to learn how the web works (web technologies) but increasingly how the web is impacting all technology and scientific domains (immensely!!)  

- I find myself writing slidesets and lecture notes which a) I am sure already exist somewhere  b)I am sure someone else could write better

- my requirement as a teacher:  I would find it useful to have  a shared library of web based learning resources on topics that we can reuse (including calibrate to the needs of our students which vary from country to country, school to school etc)

- we should develop the library using direct posting (instructors and lecturers can upload /link their stuff)  but also indirectly doing some semantic (dare I say) or aggregated search of tags and metadata of resources which alrady exist

- benefits:    less time developing resources for coursework, more time to do research and write papers!!

that's all from me!!!  

just let me know how can I help, and I hope you have a great time in Paris 
"Stéphane B. Bazan" <>
3:55 PM (11 minutes ago)
to mePaolaStéphaneJim
Dear Claudia,  //// note: wrong name////

As you can see on the workshop program, the third hour will be dedicated to the "community" issues: needs, places, resources, etc. If you allow me, I could include your items in my opening presentation. The idea is to give an overview (as I did in my submission) of "real" situations where Web Science teachers (or anyone related with teaching the Web) are confronted with the same needs. 
So I'll raise the subject as good as I can and cite your contribution to this inventory.

Is this ok with you?

And of course, you'll have to be part of the next WS education event! - Btw, after the workshop, documents and even a paper will circulate and you could add more ideas if you want.