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@ Social Informatics Cluster 22.4.11 (via ISSTI)

This Note summarises some of the discussions held during the Social Informatics Cluster (invitation to joined came through ISSTI faculty) at Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh

SIC is  an open meeting called 'Social Informatics Cluster', which I plan to attend more often this year as I am exploring postdoc and collaboration opportunities for ISTCS

The topic for the day was 'funding opportunities' and some researchers were digging up documents and discussing EU funding and presented materials from various calls for discussion,

The EU funding seems complicated , frustrating even depressing.

Coming from a 'Systemic Solutions for Systemic Problems' point of view,  I suggested that as researchers we should be able
to analyse and study the inefficiencies of the EU research funding system that make us frustrated

As engineers, we thrive on our frustrations by finding creative solutions to systemic problems and that is what makes us cheerful

Systemic approaches is something I have been working on for a few years, although until recently I was mainly in Asia, and have been corresponding with some EU Commissioners and their Offices privately to that effect.  I know they are keen to find solutions too.

Not only many top class researchers are frustrated that they dont get funded, but also a lot of EU funding money is 'wasted' ie, spent
with little or no measurable practical impact nor consequences, and research outputs end up  as notional exercises, and unused at the bottom of drawers.

I do not intend to upset off the research establishment, (or maybe I do?), but to find a scientific way to show where the systemic cracks are, and
undertake corrective measures to make the funding system work for everyone, and the benefits of the research outputs (knowledge, software, platforms etc)
actually be used to progress and advance the way things are done in society at large.

My doctoral research is 'knowledge reuse' and I am undertaking a systemic study linking various aspects of the entangled problem space together.

The suggestion of following a 'systemic approach' to cracking the funding challenge was welcome by at least two people : 

Mark Parsons said that probably IDG Innovation would have suitable call to address systemic failures.
Gian Marco (or G Luca) agreed that if this is a major problem that is bothering researchers, it could be appropriate to devise some solutions try to rectify it
and try to get funded for it

I will elaborate on what I have in mind and share my plan with the group at the next opportunity to trigger off a collaboration
(need to establish a collaboration agreement  with ISSTI, else ISTCS would be a competitor in this programme)

I have registered for the Budapest ICT Proposer Day, but since its in between other planned research trips not sure if I can attend it

People complained that going to Budapest may cost thousands of pounds (there are few and far between budget options), I suggested
going through Prague, Vienna or Bratislava (there is a lovely cruise option 90 euros both ways, which I plan to take myself)

I have registered for the IOT meeting in Bruxelles end of June, and plan to attend, would be happy to liaise with the group accordingly.

I published a monography a couple of years ago that may be of interest

I made myself available to give a talk about systemic approaches and or my work in IOT or ISTCS at one of these Friday meetings if the opportunity presents itself.