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At the first Symposium of the Scottish Space Industry, ESA announced that a UK location, Harwell  is to be added 
to its international portfolio of Business Incubators, sending out a clear green signal that UK space industry is open for business

In the UK, as well as in the rest of the world, the space sector is set to grow,  opening great economic development opportunities ahead
for high tech products and services.

Rear more interesting facts about future business opportunities in the Space Future report and more market intelligence about commercial opportunities.

Team Leaders at ASKS, a Strathclyde based company which took part in the symposium,  are proposing a collaboration with SGAC,
to foster a global collaborative culture of peaceful use of space technology as follows:

- A virtual worldwide Space Business Incubator scheme is offered to young entrepreneurs and companies worldwide
- SGAC will offer on a regional/country base: 
 - market and business intelligence (for example, providing a direction as to where the business opportunities and market needs lie)
- local/regional partnerships with Space Agencies, Research Centers, Entrepeneurship Schemes and local companies to support the formation
of an entrepreneurial ecosystem 
- Know how, logistical support and resources for company formation and marketing 
- Competences and skills as required

Entrepreneurs will  apply via SGAC website providing the following information

SGAC will negotiate an agreement with economic development agencies and local companies
to secure

- desk space and shared used of equipment/facilities as required
- the necessary local support for business development