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Advanced Knowledge Systems

A  Limited Company is established in Scotland in 2009  to transfer and apply  expertise gathered in over a decade of international research and commercial knowledge in systems engineering
(Advanced Knowledge Systems) to serve regional requirements  in this early phase of strategic development of the Scottish Space Industry. (ASKSIS Programme: Advanced Space Knowledge Systems in Scotland)

The ability to access and transfer knowledge is essential to innovation and competitiveness of the Scottish Space Industry, our company is strategically
positioned to supply such a demand for knowledge services

Leadership in Strategic Knowledge Research Services for Advanced Systems
(collaborative, adaptive, biologically inspired, scalable)
Scottish Start Up funded in 2009  to supply knowledge management and sharing requirements of the Scottish Space Industry

Ten years of worldwide leadership in intelligent systems design research 
Provide strategic and business intelligence for advanced systems engineering to Fortune 500 
(including aereospace and defense sector (global/ US)
Global partners networks via INCOSE (Interntional Systems Rnginering Council) and UN SGAC ( 


A €2m award was given by the European Research Council’s Advanced Investigator Grant programme to Strathclyde University to fuel the growth of the Scottish Space Industry. At the First Scottish Space Symposium to be held in June 2010 will provide the first networking opportunity for this new sector.

It is expected that research in this field will lead to new technologies, products and services to revolutionise space science, earth observation and telecommunications. [1]

The success, ability to innovate and be competitive depends directly on knowledge acquisition to support to extraordinary knowledge requirements of complex systems and environments.

Benefiting from ten years experience in Knowledge Services in support operational intelligence, and as part of ASK (Advanced Space Knowledge) international programme, 

to offer Advanced Space Knowledge for the Space Industry in Scotland  (ASKSIS) is being offered
Mission critical Knowledge Systems and Services (architectures, training)
Cognitive Engineering
Real Time adaptive knowledge networks
Biologically Inspired information systems
Networks of Things and People in Orbit
Knowledge Models and Metrics
Process-Based Mission Assurance Knowledge Management System (NASA based)