Open Data Usability

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Usability Audits are evaluations carried out to identify the ease of use of given websites, software tools, and are applicable to open data.

Under the The Open Data Initiative (a project by Open Data Usability Audits have been carried out and a methodology called Open Data Usability and Accessibility Evaluations has been developed.

It is proposed that an open source Open Data Usability Toolkit is developed and make openly available to  help citizens, developers and government carry out their own usability evaluations, as well as a learning tool

It is envisaged in two  possible versions, one manual and one automated (web service)


A toolkit would enable the systematic evaluation, standardization  benchmarking (comparison)  of open government data usability across agencies institutions and countries.  It will create a baseline for open data usability evaluations and will help the training of citizens and government officials in assessing and evaluating their open data outputs for the purpose of improving usability and accessibility, as well as training in open data, and will improve DATA QUALITY!!

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