Futures Forum 22.04.2010

In response to the invitation to make a contribution in relation to the theme:  Thinking differently about Scottish public services, and based on a case
studies and the auditing of public services in Scotland in the last year, the following suggestions are contributed:

:Public Knowledge and information about what constitutes and public service is limited, therefore the public is
not empowered to interact with the service, nor informed about what are ther rightful expectactions about them

- There should be a website listing all publicly funded initiatives in all sectors, from education, to enterprise  and economic and social service
at the moment, many services are publicly funded but they are not advertised as such, therefore the public does not know about them

- Governance policies should be publicly accessible, and individual citizens should be provided with clear mechanisms to interact

- All knowledge and information about the public service should be supplied 'as part of the service', which means,
governance, statutes, decision making processes, appeal procedures, transparency, policy enforcement, accountability
open feedback loops

= All of the above can be secured at neear zero cost with the implementation of corresponding web services

- However, the Scottish Sector decision makers do nto seem to be clued in enough on how to use FREE Information Technologies
to achieve the above at near zero cost

- Therefore the final recommendation is that the Scottish Public Sector respectfully gets up to scratch in relation to
paradigm shift toward participatory models, and its close connection with the adoption of the latest web based information technologies

- the Scottish Public Sector should specifically set up a taskforce (open to the public) to brainstorm around ways of achieving the above
while leveraging its relation to the open source community