ISTCS is an independent research institute dedicated to the investigation, project management and engineering of socio technical systems
In our view of the world, every system is 'socio-technical' when it interacts , intentionally or not, with at least one human (or group of humans). 

Socio-technical systems are complex by definition, because although it can be said that every system is inherently complex, human
factors and user interaction, in particular on a large scale, increase systems complexity exponentially.
We develop and apply different socio technical measures of complexity

  •  Investigate systemic and structural interdependencies, targeting specifically the human-technology continuum.
  •  Provide knowledge and intelligence services for the scientific and technical communities
  •  Address gaps between theory and practice.
  •  Design and Create learning and educational experience (academic courses, modules and units)


We are the forefront of independent research, and in addition to  professional and academic activities
we also carry out independent evaluations, policy advisories and project inspections for private clients as well
as for the public sector, both at regional, country and international level.

About this website

Public resources developed during the course of our activities will be disseminated through this website.