Grade 9



  Grade 10



 Topics Covered



 Topics Covered



  P1 - Motion
  P2 - Forces



  P9 - EM Spectrum
P10 - Sound



  P3 - Energy, Work & Power


  P12 - Electricity
  P13 - Electric Circuits




  P4 - Kinetic Theory
  P5 - Thermal Properties
  P6 - Heat Transfer



  P11 - Magnetism
  P13 - Electromagnetism



  P7 - Waves & P8 - Light




  P15 - Radioactivity

  Semester Exam or iGCSEs


 Structure  One complete semester of Physics, one complete semester of Chemistry
   Structure  Every quarter we swap from Physics to Chemistry

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Structure of the final iGCSE examination in May of Grade 10



 Type of Question



Called Paper 1

 45 min

 40 multiple choice questions



Called Paper 3

 2 hours

 Short and extended answer questions



Called Paper 6

 1 hour

 Practical Examination
 This is an examination which asks questions about practical work, data response   questions, concluding and evaluating, plotting graphs, reading scales etc.