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We are interested in the mechanims controlling the integrity of the human genome during DNA replication.

Accurate duplication of the genome during the S-phase of the cell cycle is inevitably harmed  by a number of events that interfere with progression of the replication machinery, such as endogenously-formed DNA lesions, DNA transcription, topological constraints and DNA secondary structures. Incorrect handing of perturbed replication forks may determine formation of DNA breakage which could trigger deleterious chromosomal rearrangements such those frequently observed in human cancers. Therefore, cells evolved a sophisticated network of proteins that are responsible for keeping in shape the replication forks, allowing their safe restart whenever they stall or pause and ensuring complete duplication of the genome.

Our group seek to understand how perturbed replication forks are recovered and whether these mechanisms may be exploited for a target therapy of human cancers.

In addition, we want to determine how the pathways are regulated and how cells decide to use a specific mechanism.

Our group is born after the decision to put together the expertise of Annapaola Franchitto's lab and that of Pietro Pichierri's lab and is jointly run by Annapaola and Pietro. 

We are located at the Istituto Superiore di Sanita' in Roma

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