Summer Training

What Is Needed/Signing Up

Coach Sewell will be running Summer Volleyball Training sessions for anyone who is interested in trying out out for the Issaquah High School Volleyball Program for the 2014 season. These sessions are designed to give players opportunities to work on both physical fitness and volleyball skills.  

Players also need to bring a signed open gym form. This only needs to be completed and handed to Coach Sewell the first time you show up to a session. The form is needed to participate in the training sessions, you can find this form at the bottom of this page.

To run a session Coach Sewell is requiring a minimum 6 players to be registered for each session. If there is not enough players for a session it will be cancelled. To sign up for sessions there is a form at the bottom of this page that you fill out. REMINDER: When you are signing up for a session, you are signing up for an individual day so input as many days are you are committing to.

This year we are doing things a little bit different. Since I have had to reserve spots at the school and need to let them know if I am canceling that session, I will need to have finalized numbers the Friday before the 3 days of training. 

Cancellations/Reminder Emails

If you have to cancel your registration please email Coach Sewell the week prior to the session that you need to cancel. You can email Coach Sewell at

The Thursday prior to the training sessions an email will go out to either remind you of the sessions for Monday and Tuesday or will let you know which of the sessions has been cancelled. I will try to get the email out by 9:00pm. 

Please check your emails frequently so that we don't have people showing up to a cancelled session. 


Session Information

Monday's - IHS Weight Room 
Strength Day

Tuesday's - IHS Stadium
Cardio/Plyo Day

Wednesday's - CANCELLED 
Wednesday sessions have been CANCELLED. Abby and Eileen Hotchkiss are being so kind as to set up outdoor sessions at a court by their house. Please shoot them an email with any questions about times and days. 
Eileen Hotchkiss -
 Abby Hotchkiss -
Monday's - 4:15p - 5:30p
Tuesday's - 4:15p - 5:30p
Wednesday's - CANCELLED
Session Date Information
Below are a list of days that don't fall in the normal schedule.
Summer Training Starts June 9th!

June Dates
June 9 & 10 - Cardio/Plyo Days
June 11 - OFF
June 16 - 18 - OFF

July Dates
July 7 - OFF
July 14 - 17 - OFF
July 23 - OFF

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Jun 14, 2012, 12:59 PM