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Journal Articles 


(45) H. Jeong, S.H. Han, S. Yadavali, J. Kim, D. Issadore#, D. Lee#, Moldable Perfluoropolyether-Polyethylene Glycol Networks with Tunable Wettability and Solvent Resistance for Rapid Prototyping of Droplet Microfluidics, 2017 (submitted).

(44) J. Ko, N. Bhagwat, T. Black, S. Yee, Y. Na, S. Fisher, J. Kim, E. Carpenter, B. Stanger, and D. Issadore, Development of an Extracellular Vesicle microRNA Biomarker Panel for Machine Learning Based Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer, 2017 (submitted).

(43) J.E. Mealy, J.J. Chung, H. Jeong, D. Issadore, D. Lee, P. Atluri, J.A. Burdick, Self-assembled and injectable colloidal hydrogels with multifunctional properties for biomedical applications, 2017 (submitted).

(42) S. YadavaliH. Jeong, D. Lee, D. IssadoreAll Silicon and Glass, Very Large Scale Microfluidic Droplet Integration for the Terascale Generation of Polymer Microparticles, 2017 (submitted).

(41) J. Ko, M. Hemphill, E. Sewell, YJ. Na, D. K. Sandsmark, S. A. Fisher, E. A. Torre, R. Diaz-Arrastia, J. Kim, D. F. Meaney, D. IssadorePrognosis of traumatic brain injury using machine learning based miRNA signatures in nanomagnetically isolated brain-derived exosomes, 2017 (submitted).

(40) J. Ko#, S. N. Baldassano#, P. Loh, K. Kording, B. Litt, D. Issadore,  Machine Learning To Detect Signatures of Disease in Liquid Biopsies - A User’s Guide, Lab on a Chip, DOI: 10.1039/C7LC00955K, 2017.

(39) J. Ko, N. Bhagwat, S. S. Yee, N. Ortiz, A. Sahmoud, T. Black, N. M. Aiello, L. McKenzie, M. O’Hara, C. Redlinger, J. Romeo, E. L. Carpenter, B. Z. Stanger, D. Issadore, Combining Machine Learning and Nanofluidic Technology to Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer Using Exosomes, ACS NanoDOI: 10.1021/acsnano.7b05503, 2017.

(38) J. F. LiuS. Yadavali, A. Tsourkas#, David Issadore#, Microfluidic Diafiltration Using an Integrated Magnetic Peristaltic Micro-Pump, Lab on a Chip, DOI:10.1039/C7LC00954B, 2017.

(37) J. Ko, N. Bhagwat, S. S. Yee, C. Redlinger, J. Romeo, M. O’Hara, A. Raj, E. L. Carpenter, B. Z. Stanger, D. IssadoreA magnetic micropore chip for rapid (< 1 hour) unbiased circulating tumor cell isolation and in-situ RNA analysis, Lab on a Chip, DOI: 10.1039/C7LC00703E, 2017.

(36)  H. Jeong, S. YadavaliD. Issadore#, D. Lee#, Liter-scale Production of Uniform Gas Bubbles via Parallelization of Flow Focusing Generators,  Lab on a Chip, DOI: 10.1039/C7LC00295E, 2017.

(35) VR. Yelleswarapu, H. Jeong, S. Yadavali, D. IssadoreUltra-High Throughput Detection (1 Million Droplets / Second) of Fluorescent Droplets Using a Cell Phone Camera and Time Domain Encoded Optofluidics, Lab on a Chip, DOI: 10.1039/C6LC01489E, 2017.

   Animation of how the device works:


(34) J. Ko, M. A. Hemphill, D. Gabrieli, L. Wu, VR. Yelleswarapu, G. Lawrence, W. Pennycooke, A. Singh, D. Meaney, D. IssadoreSmartphone-enabled optofluidic exosome diagnostic for concussion recovery, Scientific Reports, 631215, 2016.

(33) J. Ko#, V.R. Yelleswarapu#, A. Singh, N. Shah, D. IssadoreMagnetic Nickel iron Electroformed Trap (MagNET): A master / replica fabrication strategy for ultra-high throughput (> 100 mL/hr) immunomagnetic sorting, Lab on a ChipDOI: 10.1039/C6LC00487C, 2016.

(32) M. Magaraci, J. Bermudez,  D. Yogish, D. Pak, V. Mollov, J. Tycko, D. Issadore, S. Mannickarottu,B. Chow, Toolbox for Exploring Modular Gene Regulation in Synthetic Biology Training, ACS Synthetic BiologyDOI: 10.1021/acssynbio.6b00057,  2016.

(31) H. Jeong, D. Issadore, D. Lee. Recent Developments in Scale-up of Microfluidic Emulsion Generation via Parallelization, The Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, DOI: 10.1007/s11814-016-0041-6, 2016.

(30) J. Ko, E. Carpenter*, D. Issadore*Detection and isolation of circulating exosomes and microvesicles for cancer monitoring and diagnostics using micro- /nano- based devices, AnalystDOI: 10.1039/C5AN01610J, 2016.


(29) H. Shao, J. Chung, D. IssadoreDiagnostic Technologies for Circulating tumor cells and Exosomes, Bioscience ReportsDOI: 10.1042/BSR20150180, 2015.

(28) H.H. Jeong, V. R. YelleswarapuS. YadavaliD. Issadore*, D. Lee*, Kilo-scale droplet generation in three-dimensional monolithic elastomer device (3D MED), Lab on a Chip, DOI: 10.1039/C5LC01025J, 2015. (highlighted as a Hot Article 2015)

(27) S. Shaffer, R. Joshi, B. Chambers, D. Sterken, A. Biaesch, D. Gabrieli, Y. Li, K. Feemster, S. Hensley*, D. Issadore*, A. Raj*, Multiplexed detection of viral infections using rapid in-situ RNA analysis on a chip, Lab on a Chip, DOI: 10.1039/C5LC00459D, 2015.

(26) D. IssadorePoint-of-care rare cell cancer diagnostics, Methods in Molecular Biology1256, 123-137, 2015.


    (25) M. Muluneh, B. Kim, G. Buchsbaum, D. IssadoreMiniaturized, multiplexed readout of droplet-based microfluidic assays using time-domain modulation, Lab on a Chip14, 4638-4646, 2014. (highlighted as a Hot Article of 2014)

    (24) M. MulunehD. IssadoreA multi-scale PDMS fabrication strategy to bridge the size mismatch between integrated circuits and microfluidics, Lab on a Chip14, 4552-4558, 2014.

    (23) D. IssadoreY. I. Park, H. Shao, C. Min, K. Lee, M. Liong, R. Weissleder, H. Lee, Magnetic sensing technology for molecular analyses, Lab on a Chip, 10.1039/C4LC00314D, 2014.

    (22) M. Muluneh, W. Shang, D. Issadore, Track‐Etched Magnetic Micropores for Immunomagnetic Isolation of Pathogens. Advanced Healthcare MaterialsDOI: 10.1002/adhm.201300502, 2014. This work was featured on the cover.

    (21) C. Castro, A. Ghazani, J. Chung,  H. Shao, D. Issadore, TJ Yoon, R. Weissleder, H. Lee, Miniaturized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Platform for Detection and Profiling of Circulating Tumor Cells. Lab on a Chip, DOI: 10.1039/C3LC50621E, 2014.

    (20) M. MulunehD. Issadore, Microchip-based detection of magnetically labeled cancer biomarkers. (Invited Review) Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 66, 101-109, 2014.


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    The Droplet Factory

      (17) J. Chung, D. Issadore, A. Ullal, R. Weissleder, H. Lee, "Rare cell detection and profiling on a hybrid magnetic / size-sorting (HMSS) chip." Biomicrofluidics, DOI:10.1063/1.4821923, 2013.

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      Before 2011

      (6) D. Issadore, T. Franke, K.A. Brown, R.M. Westervelt, “A microfluidic microprocessor: controlling biomimetic containers and cells using hybrid integrated circuit/microfluidic chips.” Lab on a Chip, 110, 2937, 2010.

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      DEP control of droplets

      (1) K.C. Ku, S.H. Chun, W.H. Wang, W. Fadgen, D. Issadore, N. Samarth, R.J. Epstein, and D.D. Awschalom, "Fabrication and characterization of modulation-doped ZnSe/(Zn,Cd)Se (110) quantum wells: a new system for spin coherence studies," Journal of Superconductivity, 18, 185, 2005.

      Books / Chapters in Books

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      * Equal contribution