Welcome to the Issadore Lab

Our lab combines microelectronics, microfluidics, and nanomaterials to create miniaturized platforms for the diagnosis of disease. This work requires an interdisciplinary approach in which engineers, scientists, and physicians work together to solve high impact problems in healthcare. 

We are currently looking to bring in both new post-docs and graduate students, please contact me directly [Issadore (at) seas.upenn.edu] if you are interested in joining the lab.




3/21/15 Ravi won first prize in this year's Biomedical Graduate Group's Poster Session. Go Ravi!

3/18/15 David will be traveling to DC to give a talk on detecting rare cells for disease diagnostics at this year's Next Generation Dx Summit in DC. Be there or be square.

3/10/15 Jina is traveling to beautiful New Orleans to give a talk on her CTC isolation work at this year's Pitt Con.

2/24/15 Dave will be a keynote speaker at this year's Northeast Bioengineering Conference. Be there or be square.

2/1/15 We are grateful for seed funding from University of Pennsylvania's Nano Bio Interface Center.

2/18/15 Senior design student, Ashwin Amurthur wins the Y prize for his proposal to use graphene nanosensors to detect benzene leaks from fracking sites. 

2/15/15 Nishal and Dave's super awkward photo is now the background on the main Upenn.edu webpage. Not exactly sure why.

2/1/15 Mobile Health Technologies was published with a chapter from us.


12/15/14 We are very excited to have a new post-doc joining our group, Dr. Sagar Yadavali from University of Tennessee .

11/20/14 Our multiplexed droplet detector is featured in the 2014 collection of "Hot Articles" by Lab on a Chip

10/3/14 Melaku's paper on miniaturizing the readout of multiplexed droplet based assays just came out in Lab on a Chip.

10/1/14 Melaku's paper on integrating millimeter-scale integrated circuits (ICs) with microfluidics just came out in Lab on a Chip.

9/1/14 We are grateful to the National Cancer Institute's Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) program for funding our exosome research.

8/20/14 After 1 year and 10 months of an extremely productive post-doc, Melaku is moving out to sunny California to join a promising point of care diagnostics startup company (Wave80 Biosciences).

7/21/14 Benita's paper on controlling conventional microlfuidics with paper microchannels was highlighted in Lab on a Chip.

7/11/14 Melaku's Track Etched Magnetic MicroPOre (TEMPO) work is featured on this month's cover of Advanced Healthcare Materials.

5/23/14 Max Wasserman receives a Littlejohn award to work in our lab this summer.

5/2/14 David won this year's S. Reid Warren Jr. Award for undergraduate education. 

4/1/14 Nishant, Max, Jaime, and Lauren's senior design project is featured in the Daily Pennsylvanian.

3/27/14 Noor, Arielle, Peter, and and Anthony's senior design project is featured in the Daily Pennsylvanian.

2/17/14 Our nanoparticle synthesis work is featured in the SPIE Newsroom.

2/17/14 Melaku and Wu's paper on track-etched magnetic sorting has been published in Advanced Healthcare Materials.

2/11/14 We are grateful to be receiving a grant from Pennsylvania Department of Health's Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement Program (CURE).

1/27/14 Melaku will be receiving a Berkman Opportunity Fellowship for our work on cancer diagnostics with the Raj and Stanger lab. Thank you David Berkman for your generous support.

1/22/14 Lab Youtube videos!

1/11/14 David spends a few days down in Bethesda at the NIH, learning about new programs on the diagnosis of cancer in developing countries.


12/4/13 Masters student Benita Chumo's work on combining paper and open channel microfluidics onto a single chip has been published in Biomicrofluidics.

10/7/13 Our first two papers are out! The first is Melaku's beautiful work on integrating many droplet makers onto a single chip in Lab on a Chip. The second, a review article in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews.

9/24/13 David spends the week in rainy Seattle, giving a talk on bacteria detection at the annual BMES conference.

9/12/13 David now has a secondary appointment in ESE. ESE students interested in our research, please contact me directly.

7/29/13 We are grateful to be receiving this year's pilot award from Penn's Center For AIDS Research (CFAR) and from Penn's Nano Bio Interface Center (NBIC).

7/12/13 We did not let a little rain stop an awesome lab BBQ.


5/25/13 Masters student Benita Chumo graduates!

5/13/13 Our paper on microwave synthesis of nanoparticles on a chip, done in collaboration with Dorota Koziej from ETH Zurich and the Weitz group at Harvard, just came out in Nanoscale.

4/21/2013 Rising Sophomore Kinjal Shah wins this year's Advancing Women in Engineering award!

3/18/2013 The Issadore lab spends the week at Pitt Con, which strangely enough is in Philadelphia not in Pittsburgh.

1/30/13 Our book, Point of Care Diagnostics on a Chip is now available.


12/6/12 David travels to Beijing, China to participate with the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease in this year's China-US Symposium on Nanobiology and Nanomedicine. 

11/14/12 David gives a talk on detecting circulating tumor cells at the National Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence's principal investigator's meeting

11/5/12 David gives a talk at the Nano/Bio Interface Center on hybrid electronic / microfluidic chips 

10/25/12 David gives a talk on circulating tumor detection in Atlanta for the annual BMES conference

10/15/12 Post-doctoral researcher Melaku Muluneh has joined the group!

10/1/12 Masters student Benita Chumo joins the group!