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Similar to most charcoal or gas grills, open electric bbq grills only cook the food from a single heating element (metal grate) with drip pan placed underneath to catch the dripping fat and grease. 

This type of electrical grilling often provides better heat distribution across the cooking surface and is very easy to operate. Some models have extra glass dome cover to eliminate splatter and speed up the cooking process.

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Portable Electric Grills

The first electric indoor grill was popularized by the George Foreman electric barbeque grills and are marketed towards people who do not have enough outdoor space to have a full-size grill for cooking. 

Therefore, these products are very popular with people who live in apartments and in cities where outdoor cooking space is either limited or nonexistent. If balcony is your only suitable space for barbecuing, for example, then electric power would be the perfect choice.

Electric bbq grills are also marketed to people who want a quick, easy, and clean indoor grilling experience without the mess that comes with charcoal, wood or other gas fuels. As this guide will show, indoor electric grill allows tasty grilled meals from the comfort and convenience of your kitchen.

Indoor electric barbeque grills are very simple to use and are the ultimate in grilling convenience. They do not require messy fuels, are portable, offer quick cooking times, and are perfect for apartment dwellers and those who have limited spaces. 

Those who want simple, quick grilling and do not mind small cooking sizes, frequent cleaning, and a lack of advanced controls should give electric indoor grills a shot.

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Outdoor Electric Grills

It is no secret that patio outdoor electric grills have become increasingly popular options for those who want convenience with their grilling experience. These products are marketed towards individuals who do not want to buy, store, or mess with charcoal, propane, or other popular fuels. They are also very popular with those who desire a quick and clean cookout outdoors, either around the backyard, or to carry on holiday vacations.

Most major grill manufacturers now make some form of outdoor grill that utilizes electric power as a fuel source. Therefore, finding them should be as simple as going to the nearest home supply store. Electric outdoor grills offer several advantages over other conventional types, yet have things a potential buyer should consider. Here is a guide to electric grills for outdoor use.

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Propane and Natural Gas Grills

Gas grills is a popular type of grills that allow you to prepare food from home with a distinctive smoked flavor. Gas grills are the most convenient and effective ways for backyard chefs to create amazing smoked meals.

There are a variety of grills available for purchase, from compact portable grills to industrial sized BBQs used mainly in restaurants. Weber gas grills are the most popular brand of barbeques for typical families. These grills get their fuel source from an attached propane tank. Propane tanks are accessible and easy to transport, and they come in different sizes.

Gas grills allow you to add pizzazz to any meat, poultry or seafood. Each recipe and marinade used adds a distinct flavor to your food, so the possibilities are endless. Try grilling chicken with mesquite one week and oak the next. Hickory  salmon might be such a big family hit they will be begging you to make fish more often. And you may just start a new Thanksgiving tradition with a grilled turkey.

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Portable Gas Grills

Do you love to grill outside? Do you always put on old clothes because the unpleasant smoke of charcoal grilling sticks to it? 

With gas barbecue you do not have this problem anymore. These not only do not produce smoke but can also be regulated. Thus, the barbecue becomes a pleasant and smoke-free event.

Outdoor Gas Grills

The best outdoor barbecue grills available on the market stand for the premium craftsmanship, top-notch toughness, fashion and exactness cooking which offers exactly the perfect amount of juice and smoky flavor. The barbecue grills offered below are featured among the top models in their rank.

These grills have been enlisted in the best purchases for the special occasions or parties so that you could feast on the best smoky dishes while having a great time. So, make sure you induce these units to your to-buy list for any event or gathering to have loads of fun partying all the night with your family and friends.

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The Char-Griller Grillin’ Pro is an amazing 40,800 BTU grill which offers 630 square inches of entire cooking exterior and three distinct burners. It is manufactured by means of powerful steel with a sturdy grate and firm fitting cover, both of which are necessary apparatus for heat preservation. This is the best grill for making typical barbecue favorites like ribs, poultry, and hamburger meat. A lot of the purchasers that we analyzed, commented on its swiftness and efficiency, noting that it used to be one among the quicker grills they had yet prepared food on.

With the Dyna-Glo DGE Series Propane Grill, users know how to grill nearly 28 hamburgers above the 708 square inch cooking plane which is power-driven by 62,000 BTUs. Joined with its bronze hard finish, the Dyna-Glo presents a sturdy structure and is one among the finest models for a big barbecue. By means of its five distinct burners, your preferred meats can be made in big batches to supply food at a hungry party.

The Char-Broil TRU Infrared Urban Gas Grill makes use of 20,000 BTUs above a 465 square inch cooking plane with two burners, every with its personal thermometer gauge. What turns this grill diverse from the rest is the fact that it makes use of original TRU-Infrared technology to create beaming and infrared heat. This aids the meat in retaining its natural juices.

The Weber Spirit Gas Grill offers nearly 27,000 BTUs of energy extended over twin stainless steel burners and 360 square inches of cooking area and a 90 square inch heating frame. The cast-iron shreds and the porcelain-enamel cover also offers excellent warmth retention. The buyers of this grill time and again admire it for its capability to uphold a stable temperature even in icy and breezy weather conditions. So, if you want decent quality coupled up with a nice performance, this surely is the barbeque grill that you must opt for making delicious smoked food at home.

Built-In Gas Grills

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Charcoal Grills

Just when it seemed the era of the portable grills were over, they make a successful return in the world of barbecue. For a while, propane gas grills were the preferable choice for BBQ lovers. Why? Propane gas can be cheap although this depends on your local propane gas provider. Another reason for its popularity is that it is extremely efficient. You do not have to go through the process of lighting the grill like you would with charcoal based grills.

How did I know that their is a return in popularity for portable charcoal grills? It is appearing frequently in grilling magazines and there are a lot of online reviews were people are more appealed to challenging themselves by using charcoal to cook their meal.

So what exactly are the benefits of using a portable charcoal grill? Here are a few factors which has convinced many barbecue enthusiasts to change sides. The first benefit is its versatility. It is easy to carry around so you do not have to worry about heavy lifting and stuck wheels. If you are going to take it around by car then all you need to do is open your car trunk and fit it in without too much of a hassle.

If you are still not into the charcoal thing then portable gas grills are available too. If you like to visit the countryside and enjoy a nice slab of steak in the wild then consider purchasing a portable charcoal grill. Mastering the art of barbecue cooking through charcoal is an experience itself. Also note that it is important to consider the supplementary barbecue tools in order to cook to perfection.

Charcoal Smokers

A charcoal smoker cooks with hot smoke. Grilling, on the other hand, cooks your food with direct heat that comes from an open fire. The fat and juices of the food do not get burned nor charred in a smoker. It gets simply cooked and infused with the flavors from the wood used. It is important to know which wood gives the best flavor for the kind of meat you are doing. There are also briquettes with aromas and flavors burned into them during production.

Another difference between a charcoal smoker and a grill is the amount of time required to cook the food. A charcoal smoker cooks food a little slower than a grill because the open fire in a grill is much hotter than the smoke from a charcoal smoker. It is therefore, important to allow enough lead time for your cooking before the family or your guests descend on the meal.

A smoker is also more appropriate to cook bigger chunks or pieces of meat with than a grill. The slow process allows heat and flavor to penetrate right into the core of the meat.

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How To Clean A Grill

Cleaning is the worst part of using a grill, by then you would have filled yourself nicely with a steak or two and all you would want to do is relax by the sun and take a nap or so. Luckily,  grills do not take too much of an effort to clean but here are some tips to help you with your cleaning.

First off, ensure that there is no connection between the natural or propane  tank and the controls in the off position. For complete safety, we recommend removing the  tank completely and putting it away in a safe distance. The easiest and most convenient solution to clean the grill is to use dish-washing soap liquid and water. Mix the soap liquid with hot or warm water in a large bucket or container.

Now remove the grill rack from the  grill and place it in the bucket of soapy water. Leave it in there for at least half an hour. If there is a lot of grease built in the grilling racks then soak it in for longer. Another way to remove grease built on the racks is to put the drip guard right with the racks in the container, then remove the leftover grease with a wet-dry vacuum.

Once you have soaked the grill rack, rinse off all excess soap  and put them back in the grill.If you have any excess particles on your grill then use a grill cleaning brush to remove the residue. Never use a porcelain or metal grill cleaning brush as it will damage the rack.

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Grill Covers

If you want your barbecue to last for many years, a fundamental element to take into account are the storage conditions when it is not being used.

A protected barbecue will allow you to always have it in optimal conditions.

For this, it is best to have a barbecue cover. In this chapter, we will show you how to buy this useful accessory without spending a lot of money.

Protect your barbecue as it deserves.

What is a BBQ cover?

It is a cover that is used to protect the grills of the different foreign agents that can cause their deterioration, also, contributes to the lengthening of their useful life. It is very practical and easy to use, it is the perfect ally to keep our barbecues in good condition.

The barbecue cover is a protector made of different materials such as polyester, PVC, PEVA or oil cloth. It has a large canvas shape that covers the entire barbecue. This instrument allows to keep the barbecue safe. By having a cover for barbecues you can leave your barbecue outside without fear of being damaged by bad weather.

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Barbecue Cover: Use and maintenance

Before using your canvas, the first thing you should do is a deep barbecue cleaning to avoid unpleasant odors. To install the barbecue cover, you just have to unfold it and cover the equipment. It is important to be careful that the cover completely covers the barbecue so that none of its parts are exposed to the elements.

Then, depending on the accessory's locking system, you can complete the protection of your device. Also, the barbecue blanket can be equipped with an elastic cord, a cord or a scratching system. It is easily cleaned with water, mild soap and a brush. If you clean your case thoroughly it will remove all dirt and extend its durability.

Air Conditioners

We are living a spring of high temperatures, and as the meteorologists were already saying couple of years ago, the summers promises to be hot, very hot. So it's time to start thinking about how to fight the summer heat.

Our bet is the silent portable air conditioner especially for two reasons: Because it is not necessary to undertake works for its installation and because we can move it to the space of the house that we want.

And, of course, because its price is much cheaper than the installation of a fixed split.

Popular appliance models will ensure our rest even in the hottest nights thanks to its power and low sound level.

Portable Air Conditioners

It is a fact that portable air conditioners emit more noise than fixed systems. The reason is that the compressor is installed in the device itself and not outside the home. So, in theory, the more powerful the model, the more noise it will emit.

But technology has evolved a lot and we have a large number of silent portable models with a large cooling capacity. We will find air conditioners that emit between 40 and 65 decibels.

Some examples to get an idea of ​​the sound level: 40 decibels would be equivalent to what is heard in a library or a silent room; 50 dB to light traffic or normal conversation.

If we want to sleep with the air conditioner on, we will choose models with the lowest decibel range.

Inner workings

There are several operating mechanisms of the portable air conditioner. On the one hand there are condensation models, which collect condensation water in a tank.

These models do not need to be installed in a room with a window, but they are less powerful and less energy efficient.

On the other hand, we find models of a tube, responsible for sucking hot air.

And finally, the double tube models, one to absorb the hot air from the room to cool it, and another that expels water and heat from the device itself.

These models are the most efficient since they cool in less time, which translates into energy savings.


Humidifiers work in different ways to increase humidity levels.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

Cold steam humidifiers are called that, because they do not heat, and therefore emit water vapor at room temperature or even colder than the room.

The diffusion is carried out in two ways: by evaporation or via ultrasound.

Evaporative cold steam humidifiers use a fan that extracts dry air from the room and passes it through a wick filter (or absorbent), which absorbs water from the humidifier tank. The air evaporates and releases moisture after passing through this filter.

It is the most natural way to humidify the air. The problem is that evaporative cold steam humidifiers are also the loudest on the market.

Ultrasonic cold steam humidifiers reproduce this process through a technological means: instead of the fan, they have a vibrating metal membrane that uses an ultrasonic frequency to break down the humidifier's water into tiny drops.

These drops of water then diffuse into the air in the form of a cold fog. Since it has no fan, this type of device is generally much quieter.

Warm Mist Humidifiers

As the name implies, hot steam humidifiers use a heating element to boil the water in your tank and release it in the room as hot and healthy humidity. Boiling removes bacteria and impurities from water.

Some hot steam humidifiers have a barrier that filters and absorbs minerals to spread them in the air.

Normally, in this type of humidifier it is possible to add some essential oils in the tank, such as eucalyptus, which help you breathe better.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types

Each of these humidifiers has advantages and disadvantages. Here is a summary.

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The advantages of cold steam humidifiers

Since they have no heating element, cold steam models consume less electricity. They are also the most recommended if you have children, since they do not carry the risk of burns associated with hot steam models.

Finally, the lack of heating elements makes them cheaper. It saves on purchase and operating costs, in addition to covering more area per hour than hot steam humidifiers.

The disadvantages of cold steam humidifiers

Without the heating element, there is no way to prevent bacteria and fungi from developing inside the water tank or in the filter of evaporation models. This is the big problem you will have to face if the humidifier is not cleaned properly.

Evaporative cold steam humidifiers are also the noisiest on the market, which can be annoying for people with light sleep.

Finally, if you opt for an evaporation model, it will also be necessary to replace the wick filter regularly: every month or every two months depending on the quality of the water and the frequency of use of the humidifier.

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The advantages of hot steam humidifiers

Doctors often recommend hot steam models because they facilitate the cleaning of the airways.

In addition, as the device heats the water in the tank, all types of viruses, germs and fungi are eliminated from the air.

These hot steam humidifiers tend to heat the air, reducing the fact of activating the heating during the winter months and operating with less noise.

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The disadvantages of hot steam humidifiers

The biggest disadvantage of this type of humidifier is its cost: more expensive due to the heating element, and more expensive over time due to the consumption of additional electricity.

On the other hand, when the water in the tank reaches the boiling temperature, the risk of accidents increases, especially if you have small children around. Be sure to put it out of reach, but not too much to not burn if you need to reach it.

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