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I have three children who Mr. Mike taught how to swim. Survival swimming skills was something that was very important to me since the moment my children were born. I am a pediatrician and during my residency training I saw many tragic near-drowning cases where the children survived but were neurologically devastated due to the deprivation of oxygen to their brains in the drowning process. As soon as my children were old enough, Mr. Mike did a great job of teaching them the skills to save themselves in the water. I was amazed to see the results! We are very grateful for ISR and for the patience of Mr. Mike and the skills he has in teaching little ones how to swim.
-Bethany Jackson, MD

Thank you so much for Wiley's swim lessons. Accidents can happen so fast. He fell out of the boat today on the lake before I had even had a chance to put a life vest on him. We were still at the dock loading & it was one of those things where Tim & I both thought the other one had him. I looked up to see Wiley walk right off the boat into the water. He kicked up into a float & commenced screaming. He's totally fine except for a bump on the head & a split lip. I can't thank you enough.
Sara S.

ISR is probably the best investment of my time and money that I've made on my kids.  My three year old went from playing on the top step of the pool to jumping in full force and swimming to the stairs in just one week.  He not only learned how to survive and swim in the water, he learned to love the water.  Now he wants a pool in our backyard.  
ISR are ten minute swim lessons everyday for up to six weeks.  Ten minutes doesn't sound very long, but the kids get tired.  They are being instructed the entire ten minutes.  The instructor, Mr Mike, is phenomenal with the kids.  He gets down to business from the second they enter the pool until the end of the lesson.  He is a professional swim teacher and not just a someone who was on swim team in the past teaching swim lessons.  Your kid will learn to float/swim, guaranteed.  My 22 month old learned to float/swim from the middle of the pool to out of the pool by the 4th week or so.  Before we started I was a little nervous about how Mr. Mike was going to teach my baby to hold his breath underwater and flip to his back to float. I was pretty sure my baby was not going to understand the directions given to him or handle the lessons well.  He screamed for the entire first week of lessons (Mr. Mike is used to screaming kids and handles it very well), but he made it to the end of the six weeks floating/swimming to safety. The whole process is pretty fascinating to watch.  And seeing your child increase their skills and confidence in the water each day is extremely rewarding.  
ISR was definitely the best way to get my apprehensive children comfortable and confident in the water.  This will be our fourth year with Mr. Mike.  Our first graduated out of the program swimming like a fish, our second is having a 2 week refresher course, and our third will be starting his first lesson in June.  

Mr. Mike teaches from his home in dunwoody.  He has an outdoor and small indoor pool and teaches year round.  He teaches kids from 6 months to 6 years and offers two week refresher courses after the first year.

Plain and simple, the results of Mike's concentrated and individualized efforts has paid off. Our son started the Swim Float Swim program when he was a few months shy of 3 years old. Mike gained his respect and gave him the confidence and tools to succeed. He graduated in 6 weeks. Our daughter started the program at 2 years old and graduated in 3 weeks! Each child learns at a different pace and Mike has the ability to take your child from sink to swim no matter what their age, ability or confidence level. Did I mention that my son cried every day for 4 weeks of his 6 week journey to success?  
Thanks Mike for making our summers fun and more importantly safe!
-Laura Beth & Danny S.

I have known Mike for 25 years.  He is a patient, kind, and honest person.   It is amazing how he teaches them so much in 10 minute lessons.  My children are 2 and 4 and swimming great.  I will continue to take them to him for refreshers each spring.  It is nice to feel safer at the pool knowing my children have the skills to swim and float if they were to fall in.
-Audra W.

I grew up swimming, we always had a pool, above or in-ground. My husband, however, had a very scary situation when he was a kid and ended up teaching himself how to swim by reading a book. For those two very different reasons, we both wanted our only child to learn to swim and, in the event of an accident, know how to save his own life in the water. Thanks to Mike, mission accomplished! Mike spent 5 weeks with our son and he is now our little swimmer! I only wish I knew about this program sooner! We'll see you next year for a refresher course! Thanks again Mike!!
-Kelley & Jeff LeRoy, JP's parents

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