Dead Sea Tour

Welcome  to my Radltour!

 February 27 through March 6th 2018

Iris, age 73 years young
Road bike Tour to Israel (Dead Sea)

Dead Sea Tour

My shuttle ride to Dead Sea:

 My shuttle bus - a somehow high speed driver
 see the max. speed of the device

Southern Dead Sea from space

A sudden decision to fulfill a long lasting dream

Escape from freezing Austrian Winter and drift like a thrift wood in waters of dead Sea

I found an little private room at Gil's Rooms at Newe Zohar. Located at the Southern end of the Dead Sea.

You may find this place on Google maps.

Samy, the owner has been very cooperative and helpful.

He organized a shuttle from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport to Newe Zohar and back.

Of course, there is a bicycle needed.

I have taken my Brompton folding bike with me. Without, I would have been lost.

Roads are good and not always flat.

The landscape is beautiful.

Riding in this depression of about 400 meters below Adriatic Sea level makes just fun.

The area of Newe Zohar is save. Too far away from typical political quarrels in this part of the world.

The Eastern side of Dead Sea is Jordan. The do the same: offering a high number of resort hotels to tourists.

This ensures piece.

All the hotel are occupied by Russian tourists. Russian language is the second language in that area.

It always helped to start talks with "strastwuitje"

My room has been somehow in the middle of nowhere.

You should know, that Newe Zohar does not have a restaurant or a market. This is a place to relax. Made for Individualists like me. I am not unhappy as I was forced to pedal at least five kilometers in order to get a breakfast and shop daily needs. The hotel Lot coupon ensures an free entrance to the pool and beach.

In all the days I have done just about 150 kilometers of pedaling.

Not so much, as drifting in the Dead Sea has been the major issue.

It helped to get a wonderful skin and much more...

Another part of the blue planet is explored.

Enjoy the pictures!

Good luck to our followers.

 My parking at the Lot hotel
 That's how it looks on roadside of Lot hotel

 Starting the day with a nice Israel breakfast
 delighted sweets
 Leonardo hotel - another good hotel
A valley under construction:
For my understanding, they try to mine gold...
Some people know, gold mining times are over, but the local government tries hard...
See pictures:
my temporary home:
My culture day (visit of the Masada ruins)
The ruins go back to Herod (German: Herodes). The ruins are based on the old Herod castle, which was overtaken by the Jews when Herod left. But the Romans couldn't stand it. They have sent legions who camped in front of the castle. The Romans thought it must be easy to beat the Jews. But it has taken months as the Jews had stored food and water for a long time.
Nevertheless it ended in a lose-lose situation. Many Jews made suicide in view of the hopeless situation.
Only 9 people survived the massacre.
See picture:

 Visitor center entrance
 hiking up the snake path
 I went up by cable car - shame on me -:)
 View down to the Negev dessert
 view down to Dead Sea
 who knows whose bird is this -:)
 walking the Masada ruins
 view down to the valley - there are still the footprints of the Roman camp visible
 World heritage sign
My Jerusalem visit:

 One of the entrance doors to old town of Jerusalem
 Jerusalem a hilly town
 pedestrian side walk - inviting to ride it
 Israel army secures even Iris
 The Austrian hospice
 Western wall sign
 at the wailing wall
 In the old town of Jerusalem
 local train at Jerusalem
 If you can read this, you can leave the train on the right station
Beside bicycling - another major issue:

 sweet water pool at hotel Lot
 salt cover shore
 Another picture to show how the sea shore looks
 floating for hours
 Hotel sweet-water pool
Riding home on a bicycle path:

what people do here:

Major products on sale:

best protected:
Good by Dead Sea:

 Packed to leave