Ten Matchboxes


 A Play For Children Based on Janusz Korczak's Story

The Orna Porat Theater for Children - Israel

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Amichai Pardo is playing Janusz Korczak while he is telling one of Korczak’s short stories – “Ten Matchboxes”.

The way he is telling it, is  influenced by Korczak educational method. 


In the show you get to know the characters of ten of Korczak’s pupils that got a present from him – an empty matchbox.

Each of them is doing something else with his matchbox because of his unique personality.

The play, as well as in the original story, let the audience complete the story of each pupil.


The young audience looking at the show is looking at the same time at a mirror of himself and his friends at present and gets to know the life of the children of Korczak in Poland, in the past.


One of the common reaction of pupils was “I felt I am one of the children of Korczak and that you (the actor) were really him”.


This one man show was preformed successfully to children from 7 to 12 years old and got great compliments from the children, the teachers and head masters, the real children from the orphans house of Korczak that survived  (and helped us in the research) and by Dr. Eliezer Marcus, chairman of the Janusz Korczak Association in Israel who said:

“I think that the play is excellent artistically as well as educationally. Amihai succeeds to build a real contact with the kids and adults and it is clear he has a serious involvement in the material he is dealing with”.


The show lets the young audience be close to Korczak, play with him, laugh with him use their imagination and think with him together about issues from children’s life.

It is like meeting him personally. (Many letters from the from kids were titled – “to Janusz Korczak”)


Technical conditions requirements

There are no special conditions, but a big room or a little auditorium that will maintain the intimate spirit of the show.


120 children max

age: 7-12

The performance was successfully played at U.K, U.S.A, Poland, Japan, Russia


Adaptation – Amichai Pardo and Ruth Kaner

Artistic assistance – Ruth Kaner

Actor – Amcihai Pardo


Orna Porat Theater for Children

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The Orna Porat National Theater for Children and Youth in Israel was established in 1970 by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the actress Mrs. Orna Porat and by then the Ministry of Education, Mr. Yigal Alon.

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