Statistics Committee

The purpose of the CSU Interlibrary Statistics Committee is to investigate, evaluate and establish uniform standards for the collection and reporting of CSU system-wide Interlibrary Loan statistics.


  • Collect and report useful statistics which will include periodically reviewing statistical tools.
  • Identify and define what “useful” statistics are, especially on a CSU system-wide basis. This would entail learning how ILL statistics are analyzed and utilized on a system-wide basis (Chancellor’s Office, COLD) as well as how that analysis is applied (funding, etc.)
  • Assist libraries in the collection of statistics.


The Statistics Committee is comprised of a minimum of three (3) volunteers from the CSU Interlibrary Loan Departments, and one (1) liaison from the ILL Steering Committee. It is recommended that each committee have a chair or co-chairs and a separate scribe (or scribes) for taking minutes. The members will work toward the goal of a successful CSU resource sharing network, within the context of their local (campus) policies and procedures.

Committee members will serve one (1) two (2) year term and may serve one (1) additional two (2) year term if the member desires.  In the event that a member wants to serve beyond a second term it must be at the approval of the Steering Committee.  The chair position will be for one (1) two (2) year term only.  Beyond one (1) term the chair must be approved by the committee.


Description of Duties

Chair: Convenes meetings, leads discussions, calls for agenda items, distributes agendas, and serves as moderator; provides quarterly updates of committee activities to the liaison.

Co-Chair: Serves as the chair in the absence of the chair or shares the duties of the chair, depending on the determination of the committee.

Scribe(s): Records minutes at meetings, distributes minutes to committee members prior to next meeting, and posts minutes to the I-SPIE website after approval of the committee.

Liaison: Serves as the communications link between committee and Steering committee.  It is recommended that s/he attend committee meetings and report back to the Steering Committee and vice versa on a quarterly basis.  In the event that s/he cannot attend committee meetings s/he must connect with the chair of said committee via other means as a way to foster open communication channels.


Current Members


Stacy Caron, CSU Fullerton (Chair)

Deb Childers, CSU Stanislaus

Janet Gonzales, CSU Bakersfield

Vicky Munda, CSU Long Beach

Teri Roudenbush, CSU San Marcos

Janice Stone, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Liaison to the Steering Committee)


CSU Listserv

Any official communication* should be reviewed by the ILL Steering Committee prior to sending to the entire listserv.


*Official Communication is anything that involves CSU practice and procedures, updates or changes of official CSU documentation.