Sub-Committee Seven (SC7) is part of the Joint Technical Committee One (JTC 1) of ISO and IECresponsible for the elaboration of Information Technology standards.

Standards development and maintenance projects are assigned to Working Groups (WG) presided by Conveners.

 WG Scope Convener Web Site
 2Development of standards for the documentation of software, systems and services. Richard Hodgkinson - UK YES
 4Development of standards and technical reports fortools and Computer Aided Software/System Engineering (CASE) environments Dan Lee - Korea
 6Development of standards and technical reports forsoftware products evaluation and metrics for software products & processes Motoei Azuma - Japan 
 7Development of standards and technical reports on Life Cycle Management. Anatol Kark - CanadaYES
10Development of standards and guidelines covering methods, practices and application of process assessment in software product procurement, development, delivery, operation, evolution and related service support. Alec Dorling - UKYES
 19The development of standards to enable the integration of business and IT system specifications, and to facilitate the provision of software and system engineering tools and techniques to implement information systems.Jean Bérubé - Canada
 20Software and Systems Bodies of Knowledge and Professionalization. Juan Garbajosa - Spain 
 21IT Asset Management Process standards development. David Bicket - UK  YES
 24Software Life Cycles for Very Small EnterprisesTanin Uthayanaka - Thailand
 25IT Services Management. Erin Casteel - AU YES
 26Software Testing.  Dr Stuart Reid - UK  YES
 27IT Enabled Services/BPORavi Veeraraghavan - India 
 28Common Industry Format for UsabilityM.F. Theofanos - USA  
 42Architecture Johan H Bendz - Sweden YES