Who We Are

ISOC Lebanon is the Lebanese Chapter for the Internet Society. ISOC Lebanon was associated  as a Lebanese non-governmental organization in December 2012 with the purpose of maintaining and extending the development and availability of the Internet and its associated technologies and applications to all the people of Lebanon. Chapter members are the local Internet stakeholders representing the interests of and serving the Lebanese Internet community. 

Specifically, ISOC Lebanon aims to support and promote the following:

All inclusive multi-stakeholders platform for all Internet users and promoters to discuss and resolve solve issues of concern
• Access of information to all: The Chapter will focus on promoting the positive usage of the Internet and its applications on education, health, sciences, culture, inclusion, e-government, business, e-commerce, media and entertainment.
• Support the development of local content 
• Growth and evolution of the Internet architecture 
• Maintenance and evolution of effective administrative processes necessary for operation of the global Internet and internets
• Education and research related to the Internet
• Collection and dissemination of information related to the Internet, including histories and archives.
• Liaison with other organizations, government and the general public for coordination, collaboration, and education in effecting the above purposes.