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The Internet Multi-stakeholder Governance Model

posted Jan 19, 2016, 10:04 AM by Isoc Lebanon
The Internet Multistakeholder Governance Model
On the occasion of the Fourth Arab Internet Governance Forum in Beirut, the Internet Society Lebanon Chapter and Maharat Foundation, in cooperation with Hivos organized a round table meeting entitled "The Internet Multi-stakeholder Governance Model”. The event took place at the Monroe Hotel in Beirut on December 15th, 2015.

“The multistakeholder model of Internet governance is the best mechanism for maintaining an open, resilient, and secure Internet because, among other things, it is informed by a broad foundation of interested parties – including businesses, technical experts, civil society, and governments – arriving at consensus through a bottom-up process regarding policies affecting the underlying functioning of the Internet ecosystem.”

The debate was moderated by Mr. Gaby Deek with a panel of distinguished speakers, including Mrs. Rola Mikael, Mr. Nabil Bukhalid, Dr. Nabil Fahd, Dr. Charbel El Kareh, Dr. Nibal Idlibi, Deputy Ghassan Mukheiber, Deputy Yassin Jaber, Judge Wassim Hajjar, Dr. Walid Raed, and Mr. Hamzah Bin Mahraz.

Summary of the discussions