This webiste is intended for anyone who wants to know how to hack their own i-SOBOT from Tommy, whom we all know is a very cheap (~$150.00 US) humanoid robot with 17 degrees of freedom, which is pretty impressive since other mainstream humanoid robots like the Robonova, Bioloid, etc. are on the ~$1,000.00 US (or more) price range and with a similar amount of degrees of freedom (17-22).
    I've seen other sites/forums talking about how to hack their i-sobot, but I did not find any clear information on how to do it, and since I have to do it, might as well give back to the community, be it the robot community, the hacking community or whatever community you choose to be associated with. As of this day (Jan/2010) I still have one year to finish this project for my research testing, so don't be impatient, I will eventually get around