Time Manager version 0.3.3

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Welcome to TimeManager web pages.

Symbian 2nd edition support and development is dropped off. New features are added for TM 0.3.4

 Features to be added:

  • Screen rotation


  • Bug Fixes 

  • Weekly alarm: alarm time calculation
  • Multiple bug fixes 
  • About:
    Time Manager handles multiple alarm clock alarms. Time Manager is still under development and it may contain bugs.

    Time Manager runs on Nokia Series 60 (S60) 2nd ed. and 3rd ed. smartphones.

    Tested phones: N70, E60, N80, 5500, E61

    Lari Iso-Anttila (isoantti(at)gmail.com)


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    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 1.0 Finland License.


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    This software is licenced under the CC-GNU GPL.

    Special Thanks:
    Juha Keskinen