The multi-thematic program of this symposium edition of ISNCC will focus on the major future Issues in Networking,Computing and Communications Please, download the PDF version of the Call for Papers. 

The symposium has four tracks. Topics of interest include, but not limited to: 

 PHY-Layer Communications and Signal Processing

Adaptive Antennas and Beamforming

Multi-Antenna and MIMO Systems

Transmitter and Receiver Techniques

Cognitive Radio and Dynamic Spectrum Access

Convergence of Wireless Systems

Cognitive Radio and Dynamic Spectrum Access

Modulation, Coding, and Diversity Techniques

Channel Estimation, Modeling and Equalization

PHY-Layer Security

Wireless Communications Testbed Development

Signal Processing Interfaces in Cognitive Radio

Speech, Image and Video Signal Processing

Blind Signal Processing for Communications

Spectrum Shaping and Filters

VLSI and RF Circuits for Wireless Communications

 Networking , Communications and Security

Cellular Systems, 3G/4G and beyond

Wireless Ad hoc, Mesh and Sensor Networks

Reconfigurable Wireless Networks

Resource  and Mobility Management

Cross-Layer Design and Optimization

Performance Analysis and QoS Provisioning

Network Planning, Capacity Analysis, and

Monitoring and Network Management Algorithms

Pricing and Billing Modeling and Solutions

Optical Networking

Next Generation Internet

Internet Architecture and Design

Internet Signalling and Service Enabling Protocols

Network Reliability, Privacy & Security

Security and Trust Computing 
 Information Technology, Services and Architcture

Cloud and Cluster Computing

Hybrid Information Technology

Intelligent and Pervasive Applications

Bioinformatics and Bio-Inspired Computing

Knowledge System and Intelligent Agent

Game and Graphics

Human-centric Computing and Social Networks

Engineering Applications of IT

Emerging Wireless/Mobile Applications

Application Services Oriented Networks

Context and Location-Aware 4G Services

Service discovery and integration

Adaptive Services management

Policies and strategies for deployment

Supervision and control

SIP Based convergent services

Content Distribution

Internet computing

Virtual Organizations and Business Processes
NGOSS and tools
Supervision and Control

 Digital Information Management

Data Mining, Web Mining

E-Learning, e-Commerce, e-Business and e-Gov.

Web Metrics and its applications

XML and other extensible languages

Semantic Web, Ontologies and Rules

Artificial Intell. and Decision Support Systems

Knowledge Management

Peer to Peer Data Management

Interoperability, Mobile Data Management

Data Exchange issues and Supply Chain

Data Life Cycle in Products and Processes

Information Content Security

Distributed Information Systems

Information Visualization, Web Services

Multimedia and Interactive Multimedia

Video Search and Video Mining

Fault tolerance, safety and security

IT Management and Service

Remote Sensing and GIS
Big Data
Enterprise Computing