Organizing Committees

Chair person

  • Keel-Soo Rhyu, President of Korean Society of Marine Engineering

Co-chair person

  • Tetsuya Omatsu, President of Japan Institute of Marine Engineering


  • Soo-Ho Bae, Vice President of Samjeong Turbine 
  • Kyung-Yul Chung, Principal Researcher of Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
  • Kyeong-Hwa Han, President of TMS Korea Ltd.
  • Chung-Hwan Jeon, Professor of Pusan National University
  • Sang-Yup Jun, General management of  Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology
  • Dong-Kun Kim, President of  DongHwa Entec Co., Ltd.
  • Jeong-Ryul Kim, President of Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute
  • Jung-Sik Kim, Executive Director of TECHWIN
  • Ju-Tae Kim, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. 
  • Jun-Cheol Kim, Executive Director of Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. 
  • Myoung-Sik Kim, General management of  Korean Register 
  • Jae-Heun Kwon, President of PanStar Tree Co., Ltd.
  • Don-Chool Lee, Professor of Mokpo National Maritime University
  • Gweon-Heui Lee, President of Korea Marine Officers' Association
  • Yeon-Won Lee, Professor of Pukyong National University
  • Ick-Soo Mok, President of Korea Ship Safety Technology Authority 
  • Du-Seon Park, Executive Director of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Ki-Deok Ro, Professor of Gyeongsang National University
  • Ji-Ho Ryu, Vice President of MAN Diesel & Turbo Korea Ltd.
  • Jung-Ho Son, Senior Vice President of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

International Advisory

  • Tomohisa Dan, Professor of Kobe University, Japan
  • Toshio Hikima, Chair of International Exchange Committee of Japan Institute of Marine Engineering, Japan
  • Yihuai Hu, Professor of Shanghai Maritime University, China
  • Juha Kytölä, Vice President of Wärtsilä, Finland
  • Hak Mao, Doctor of Ministry of Environment of Cambodia Government, Cambodia
  • Gasidit Panomsuwan, Professor of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  • Jong-Doc Park, Professor of National Institute of Technology, Oshima College, Japan
  • Trika Pitana, Doctor of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia
  • Hlaing Thiri, Professor of Myanmar Maritime University, Myanmar
  • Robert D. Tustin, New Construction Technical Manager of Lloyd’s Register, Korea
  • Rudolf Wettstein, Director of Winterthur Gas & Diesel, Switzerland

Executive Committees

General Board Chair

  • Jong-Ho Kim, Korea Maritime & Ocean University

Secretary General

  • Jong-Su Kim, Korea Maritime & Ocean University

Executive board

  • Kang-Woo Cheon, Korean Register
  • Young-Do Choi, Mokpo National University
  • Won-Heui Han, Mokpo National Maritime University
  • Kwang-Il Hwang, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Jin-A Jeong, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Seok-Ho Jeong, Pukyong National University
  • Gyu-Hong Kang, Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute 
  • You-Taek Kim, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Ue-Kan Kim, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Kyung-Hun Lee, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Young-Chan Lee, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Taek-Kun Nam, Mokpo National Maritime University
  • Chang-Jo Yang, Mokpo National Maritime University
  • Yong-Sup Yoon, Korea Maritime & Ocean University

Program & Editorial Board 

  • (Chair) Jae-Hoon Kim,  Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Yang-Ick Joo, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Hee-Jin Kang, Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean engineering
  • Ho-Keun Kang, Korea Maritime & Ocean University 
  • Bum-Suk Kim, Jeju National University
  • Seong-Jong Kim, Mokpo National Maritime University
  • Young-Woo Lee, Korea Ship Safety Technology Authority 
  • Dong-Hoan Seo, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Jung-In Yoon, Pukyong National University

Budgetary Board

  • (Chair) Jeong-Gil Nam, Mokpo National Maritime University
  • Dae-Hwan Cho, Mokpo National Maritime University
  • Jong-Yuel Choi, Korean Register 
  • Jun Kang, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Jeong-Hwan Kim, Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute
  • Myoung-Jun Kim, Kunsan National University
  • Tae-Woo Lim, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Jun-Bum Park,  Korea Maritime & Ocean University

Technical Board

  • (Chair) Joo-Won Oh, Korean Register  
  • Cherl-O Bae, Mokpo National Maritime University
  • Sang-Gyu Cheon, PANASIA Co., Ltd
  • Jae-Hyuk Choi, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Hyung-Suk Han, Defense Agency for Technology and Quality
  • Cheol Huh, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Min-Su Han, Mokpo National Maritime University
  • Chul-Hwan Kim, MAN Diesel & Turbo Korea Ltd.
  • Won-Ju Lee, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Joon-Sik Moon, Korean Register 
  • Sang-Kyun Park, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Kyung-Rak Sohn, Korea Maritime & Ocean University
  • Chang-Hyo Son, Pukyong National University
  • Jeong-Hyeon Yang,  Gyeongsang National University