Welcome Message

Welcome to ISMT2017

New plans for shipbuilding are drastically diminishing because of the recent global financial crisis, decrease in cargo volume based on global economic recession, and rapid drop in the global oil price. As such, the maritime industry is expected to suffer from long-term financial difficulties.

 Although the basic current condition of low oil price and low growth is not likely to be resolved soon, some have concluded that, based on analyses, the economy would be able to fully recover by 2018. As the business of the maritime industry tends to repeat regularly, it is now all the more imperative to prepare for the future and to make efforts for the development of new technologies. At the same time, I believe that international human exchanges should be actively pursued and enhanced.

 Since 2005, The Korean Society of Marine Engineering has held the International Symposium on Marine Engineering and Technology (ISMT) in Busan, Korea. This year, we have planned ISMT 2017 in a way that it would actually help the maritime industry in this particularly difficult time. It is, therefore, my hope that many would participate in this symposium to actively debate on the future of the marine engineering industry.

 Herein, I believe that ISMT 2017, which will be held in Busan, Korea, will serve as an excellent venue for such discussions. We will do our utmost efforts to make this event successful. We cordially invite you to take part in this exciting opportunity for maritime industries and affairs.

Keel-Soo Rhyu
Chairperson, ISMT 2017
President, The Korean Society of Marine Engineering (KOSME)