Based on what you've seen, what do you think? Is man born good, or is man born evil?

In truth, we've kind of tricked you. Think back. Remember how we asked you to focus on the background of the individuals while making your decisions? We believe that Kao Tzu is correct and that man is born totally neutral. If you chose the response based on the background information given, then you've supported this as well.  Man isn't born good or evil. We are born totally neutral, a completely blank slate, and our upbringing and life experiences determine our morals, values, and behavior. If you've been raised in an environment where you never had to steal and were always taught that stealing is wrong, you wouldn't think twice about giving the man his wallet back. However, if you've been raised in an environment where you may not have had everything you needed to get by or one where you've been taught that it's okay to take what you need, regardless of the effect on others, then the decision may have been harder to make. The same goes for the other situations as well. 

People behave as they are raised to behave.