GRAND PRIZE   An 8 day Arctic Cruise on board the M.S. EXPEDITION, departing from Spitzbergen, Norway, on July 24, 2016.  See arctic wildlife, polar bears, whales, glaciers, fjiords icebergs, and experience life in Norway. This is the most popular of the Summer Arctic Trips offered. Cruise Contest Details listed Below.

Realm Of The Polar Bear 2016 [click for link]       



 2ND  Prize  An 8-14 day Great Lakes Tall ship trip for youth, with a berth aboard the S.T.V. PATHFINDER, in the 2016 summer sailing season, to participate in the International Tall Ship Challenge, Donated by TORONTO BRIGANTINEA youth opportunity of a Lifetime.3RD  Prize  A group of 8 people can get hands-on experience and training  operating an Ocean Sized ship in the Marine Ship Simulator  Donated by Georgian College, Owen Sound.

  4TH  Prize   30,000 Islands Family Sightseeing Pass, aboard the M.V. CHIPPEWA III, Parry Sound, Ontario - Donated by Spirit of the Sound  Co.    Chippewa III Cruises    [click for link]

 5TH  Prize  Sunset Dinner Cruise for 2 aboard the M.V. CHI-CHEEMAUN, out of Tobermory, Ontario, - Donated by Owen Sound Transportation.  Chi-Cheemaun Dinner Cruise [click for link]


The winners will be announced at the ANNUAL MARINERS SERVICE on February 14th    2016, at 12:00 hrs.  

At St. George’s Anglican Church, in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Winner need not be present at the draw. You will be contacted by Phone or email. 


Proceeds to: Georgian College Scholarships, Toronto Brigantine Tall Ships for youth, The Navy League Cadets, The Owen Sound Waterfront Heritage Centre.


Donation of $5 per ticket.        Lottery license #M766354         

 Winners will be announced at this site after the draw.


Lincoln Grahlfs and his wife Joan, winners of the 2012 International Shipmasters Association freighter trip, spent 11 days on board, the Algoma Spirit. In September, 2012, the Ship sailed about  1500 nautical miles on the journey, and went from the Welland Canal, down the  St. Lawrence river, through the 1000 Islands, and historic Lower Canada all the way down to the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  The winners were berthed in a specially outfitted guest cabin, and dined with the Captain and officers. They became friends with the crew, sharing coffee and exchanging stories.

While in salt water in the lower St. Lawrence they saw finback whales, Minke Whales, seals and other marine life.  Lincoln, a real ship buff, got his fill of watching shiphandling from the bridge which included, close quarters manoeuvring with other ships, anchoring and docking, and he did not miss one out of 22 locks.  He  got to see countless Lakers, Salties, Tugs, and Tall Ships as they met in the rivers, lakes and traversed the busy Welland Canal, Seaway Locks, ports of  Montreal, Trois Rivieres, Quebec City, Baie Comeau and Port Cartier. 

Lincoln is a retired college professor, WW2 Veteran, Wheelsman, and author of the book Undaunted, about the Pere Marquette tug Undaunted, in which he served while in the Pacific theater of operations during the final dramatic stages of WW2. Lincoln and Capt. O’Donoughue had a good time, and exchanged plenty of sea stories.



I want to thank you for inviting us to your home - away from home!  Everyone was so gracious and kind.  No one laughed at my naive questions and everyone was helpful.  I now have a whole new vocabulary -- right down to the knuckle.  

The outfitting of our cabin with fine linens was very thoughtful.  Thank you for the deck chairs and the BIG bath towels.  Oh, and all of the treats in the pantry.  Monique the 2nd cook was so helpful too, what a sweetheart.

I think our trip has made Lincoln 10 years younger.  It was so special.  He wears the Spirit t-shirt you gave him, with great pride and hopes someone will engage him in conversation about our trip.

PS.  Sean, you are a very fine teacher.  I think that you have the gift.

 I will remember this trip always,

Joan Grahlfs





“H2Oh – WOW!”


A message of thanks resulting from our trip aboard

The Interlake Steamship Company’s

M/V Paul R. Tregurtha

July 16th through July 22nd, 2015


Ken and Debi Clarke, Jan and Merv Elgie and Judy and Peter Jovanovich


Our message written in the Guest Book of the Paul R Tregurtha:

“From Stacia, Nick, Mike and of course Captain Dave, The PRT is a ship that is always happ’n, fun and informative with experiences anew!

Our thanks from all of us to the Captain and Crew!

Many thanks also go to the Great Lakes Historical Society for teaming with Interlake Steamship to provide this unique adventure.

Signed: The Ken Clarke Expedition Team!

Ken & Debi, Judy &Peter, Merv & Jan”


The following pages contain just a few visual memories of our voyage:

Our Observation: Interlake Steamship is obviously one of the largest US – Flag bulk freighter fleets on the Great Lakes. Assets include “big” ships like the Paul R Tregurtha, The Lee A Tregurtha, The Mesabi Miner etc. They are awe inspiring to see up close…….the size; the power!

And while many organizations say it, the most important asset that The Interlake Steamship Company has…… its EMPLOYEES!

Our experiences from our first introduction to Stacia who met us on the dock to board and took such very good care of us the entire trip, to Kay and Denise in the Galley, to Captain Dave Johnson, 1st Mate Nick, 2nd Mate Laura and 3rd Mate Joe, wheelsmen Bill for just telling us his stories and sharing CD’s of PRT history, and on and on …… the deck crew…the Chief Engineer Mike and 1st Engineer Dan and the rest of the engine room crew….every interaction was positive, friendly and each was obviously proud of being a part of Interlake Steamship and a crew member aboard the “Paul R Tregurtha!”


Some Memories!!


  • Captain Dave Johnson 
  •  Lining Up The Rock Cut
  •  The Galley Staff!   Stacia ,  Kay (1st Cook) and Denise (2nd Cook)
  •  While out for our walk 3 x’s around the deck is a MILE!   


  • Stacia had us practice DONNING our Survival Suits!
  •   Dawn on Lake Superior!
  • Stacia – Delivering Coffee for Early Risers at 6 am!
  •  Delicious Breakfast in the Lounge 
  •  Our Sunday Morning arrival in Duluth!
  •  After a Great Shore Excursion in Duluth’s Canal Park Deb did discover that the Galley Crew does in fact take a short well deserved break after lunch! 
  • On the Bow Deck crossing Superior!
  •  Sunrise at the Soo – In the Poe Lock
  •  The Bow Wave Created by the Chief’s engine crew and their 16,000 HP, is massive!
  •  A 180’ turn and sadly back to where it all began! 

The St Clair Power Dock!


Again to all those members of the crew of the Paul R Tregurtha that made our time on board so special and memorable!

And again to the teaming of The Great Lakes Historical Society and the Interlake Steamship Company to offer such an innovative and memorable experience!

And one last person that we have yet had a chance to say thank you to who was in fact our very first contact with Interlake.

Tammy Spronz at Interlake Head Office in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.

She was involved in the coordination of our trip from the word go. Thanks for the patience Tammy and in actual fact you like all of the PRT crew are another example of one of those most important assets within the Interlake Shipping Company


Thanks Again!!!

The “Clarke” Expedition Team!

Ken and Debi Clarke; Merv and Jan Elgie and Peter and Judy Jovanovich.


Please mail  a cheque or money order  in Canadian or US funds, along with a self addressed stamped envelope,[S.A.S.E] for the amount of tickets you would like to purchase and they will be promptly mailed out to you.

Please inclu
de a self addressed stamped envelope.

Tickets will be mailed to you immediately.

[5 TICKETS FOR $20]       
[ 25 TICKETS FOR $100]
[100 TICKETS FOR $400] 
[500 TICKETS for $2000]

Mail a Cheque OR Money Order


LT. Ron O'Donoughue

501 - 1455 2nd Avenue West
Owen Sound, ON
N4K 6V3




The winning tickets were drawn at the 2013 Toronto Brigantine Pirate's Ball were 

1st prize: Guy Numanville, of Wasaga Beach, Ontario
2nd prize: Sue Buckland, Wiarton, Ontario
3rd prize: Warren Jones, Owen Sound, Ontario
4th Prize: Elaine Mardirosan, Grosse Point Park, Michigan
5th prize: Jennifer Sellars, Etobicoke, Ontario 
6th prize : Dave Rowland, Lowbanks Ontario

The draw was held in Toronto, on February, 24th, 2013.

1st prize ticket sold by: Keith Filby
2nd prize ticket sold by: Hulls
3rd prize ticket sold by: Seann O'Donoughue
4th Prize ticket sold via: [boatnerd]
5th prize ticket sold by: Toronto Brigantine
6th prize ticket sold by: Jim Gallant