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The Iowa Small Libraries Online conference is held each year in January.  This site provides information about how we organize and implement the conference, sharing our experiences and what we learned.

The conference website is for the attendees; this site is for others who are considering an online conference, and might find our experiences helpful.  We are still building the site--thanks for your patience!

Advantages of online conference:
  • Librarians from smallest communities, with limited budgets, can attend
  • No travel (most often cited by participants as advantage)
  • We do the conference in January, when there are few conflicts
  • Less expensive--we pay keynote speakers but don't have to cover travel expenses
  • Side benefit:  librarians around the state have the opportunity to gain experience presenting in an online environment; leadership development
  • Limited bandwidth for some places (though very few in Iowa, now)
  • Librarians and trustees can't "network" face-to-face