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Patrol Leaders Council

                    PATROL LEADERS


                    Meetings:  Monthly Before Troop Meetings
                    Time:          7:00pm - 7:30pm
                     Location:  St.Marks - 2nd Floor, Fenton Hall







Senior Patrol Leader ..........................     Michael Frick
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader .......     Caleb Himmelman
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Patrol Leader - Viking Patrol ...............  

Patrol Leader - Wolf Patrol ...............      







Baden Powell, the founder of Boy and Girl Scouting [Image courtesy www.Pinetreeweb.com]

"What I have often told to gatherings of Patrol Leaders, I repeat now to you who read this; namely, that you have great power to do good or to do harm to the Scouts placed under your charge. It largely depends on your character and your example to them which way they go.

There are three steps you should take:

First, win your boys by making yourself their friend and helper.

Secondly, influence them by your example in conduct and in doing things.

Thirdly, control them with your good sense and by keeping them to the teaching of the Scout Law.

Your key to success is to thoroughly understand the inner meaning of the Scout Law, to carry it out in all that you do and thereby to give the lead to your boys."

Robert Baden-Powell


Bob Sgroi,
Oct 18, 2011, 6:44 AM