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Why buying in Mexico makes sense

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Why you should buy a boat in Mexico.

Pincoya is a proven cruising boat, equipped and used to cruise and not simply a nice boat lying in a marina.  Check out the list of equipment and compare her with the boats for sale in your local marina and you will see that this is not a day-sailer or a boat in need of upgrades to go cruising.  She is maintained daily by a meticulous owner who will not leave her in the hands of a local broker to degrade through lack of proper care and who will be available for a new owner to become familiar with her post sale.  We live on the adjacent slip and will stay here until the sale takes place and for a while after.

We are already in one of the worlds top cruising grounds with easy access from around the world.  Banderas bay offers 365 day sailing every year.

Heading South, or across the puddle - everyone starts from here and you have access to materials and specialists to assist you prepare.  Everything from Master Deisel engineers to riggers, a sail loft, canvas wokers, a great yard and more.

Legal transfer

Money will transferred in the US  and any necessary re-flagging,  US Coast Guard documentation, title transfers, escrow etc will be handled there through our broker.

This will protect both parties in the deal and, by using a client account, your money and title.

Purchase in Mexico will probably yield tax advantages to non Mexican nationals (gringos). I am not in the tax business and suggest you contact professionals in that area to ensure that you understand your obligations.  However, you save thousands of dollars by legally not being required to pay sales tax on this purchase.


Getting a survey

There are several surveyors in this area of Mexico, many of whom are also US or Canadian nationals. I do not intend to suggest a surveyor to you but I can help by pointing you in the right direction to look, if you need that help.  I want your survey to be yours and not biased by my suggestions though.

Opequimar boat yard is just a few hundred metres away from Marina Vallarta, They have good modern facilities that make this an easy process.  To visit their site click here

How do I get there and where do I stay?

Puerto Vallarta has an international airport with direct access from many parts of the world.  We fly to USA, UK and France easily from this airport which is spacious and modern.  Trip Advisor here is a good place to look for further information.

Will I find a slip for Pincoya?

Slips can be tricky to acquire, especially in the high season, but I have spoken with the marina here and the slip we occupy will be retained for a new owner if needed.