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also known as

Dilly Rose Buds

Bluegrass Band

                                             Gigging on Vancouver Island

September Update:
Lone Rose is joined by 3 Dilettantes
& becomes  DillyRose Buds

 UPDATE:                             March 25 2016
Hi everyone, Blue Rose means search for the impossible....
Please be patient...band coming, some old day...lol

 Hi All,                                                                   Feb 29 2016
Thanks everyone for the terrific support of Island BlueRose, this past year.   
Sad to say everyone has gone their separate ways, leaving Linda as the Sole 
Rose.  Players in the area are scarce who play traditional bluegrass in the 
style of Blue Rose.
Thank you Gary & Luann for playing in Blue Rose in 2014-15. It was 
a lot of fun. Thanks to you too Boomer..

Island Blue Rose Bluegrass Band



Island Blue Rose 

Hi Everyone! 
Welcome to our website.
It was  a busy year  for Island Blue Rose, 
we played a little everywhere...
...promoting bluegrass music
whereever we performed...

Now in  2015
We are available for festivals, concerts, 
private parties, weddings & wakes, 
or what have you, please just give us a call.
And thank you for  listening...

For bookings please contact

Linda @ 250-240-8888




      Until 2014 there has been no new players...
then this formation came along:

                               Gary McDannold, Earl Purvis, James Telfer, Linda Thorburn 
                                                        Island Blue Rose North

Blue roses traditionally signify a 
mystery or the never ending 
quest for the impossible!


                                  Gary McDannold, Boomer, Luann Burton, Linda Thorburn
                                                           Island Blue Rose South
                                                  Lighthouse Bluegrass Festival 2015