About Us

Rick Avis is a Port Alberni naturalist and photographer with a particular interest in plants.

Judith Holm's aim with this project is to enable increasing awareness of our Vancouver Island alpine flora.  She is keen to open possibilities to link and learn from each other - and to see what comes of this!

Hans Roemer, PhD, is a plant ecologist who worked in the conservation field for the BC Government and then as a botanical consultant.  Exploring for alpine plants in our mountains and sharing his discoveries is what he likes best in his free time.

Michael VanInsberghe is working on a MSc in Genetics at UBC.  He was the author of two previous pamphlets of a somewhat similar nature (published 2000 and 2007, the latter with a 4th printing in 2010); all three pamphlets are part of larger projects.

Ken Wong likes to be in wild places to photograph wild things.  Botanizing is the added bonus.