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What do you mean by Islamism? Is that just a fancy word for Islam? Or for Muslims who believe in sticking up for their rights?

Islamism is the ideology that holds Islam is not just a religion, but a complete political system based on traditional Islamic law. Islamists tend to compare Islam with Socialism and Capitalism rather than Christianity or Hinduism. Not all Muslims are Islamists, and not all Islamists support terrorism, but the original Islamists (Syed Abul-Ala Maududi, Sayyid and Muhammed Qutb) held

  • that Western civilization was not just inferior to Islamic government and culture, but utterly and irredeemably corrupt and worthless, and that
  • the path to greatness for Muslims was a return to the early decades of Islam (around 622-644 AD), when Muslims (they claimed) strictly followed Islamic law and were filled with ardor to kill and die for Islam.
      The Qutb brothers in particular claimed the West was obsessed with destroying Islam, but also doomed to fall to it. Needless to say, believing all this does not make you a terrorist, but it does make terrorism a much more defensible proposition.

      This definition does not include such pro-democratic groups or figures as the The Justice and Development Party of Turkey or Anwar Ibrahim, who will be (inshallah) to Islamism as the Social Democratic party of Germany was to Marxism.

      Why should we read what you've written?

      We are not scholars but you have tried to let the works of the authors speak for themselves, picking out some of the most ... interesting parts of their works.

      What you read here is aimed at the level of readers who want something beyond stories on 'Islam Today` they've read in TIME magazine or the Sunday newspaper, but who aren't going to or can't spend the time plowing through primary sources. Of course it's really intended for anyone who finds it on Google.

      Do you people read Arabic? Farsi? Urdu? .... I didn't think so! Why should we pay any attention to you and your secondary sources? You don't have the real understanding of what these fine Islamists have to say!

      It's true we are using literature written in English. But the translations of Milestones, Islam : the Misunderstood Religion and Ayatollah Khomeini's Islamic Government are by supporters of those authors. Since a large number of the Islamists in Europe and North America were born there and read English better than Arabic or Urdu, its likely they read an English translation of Milestones or Islam : the Misunderstood Religion, not the original Arabic. In other words, that the passages you'll be reading here are likely the same as what many thousands of Islamists have read.