Why Islam is a Threat

For those who aren't quite sure of why Islam is a threat, here is the essence of it:
  1. Islam is a supremacist political ideology encompassing military, political, economic, and social behavior promoted through a veneer of religion.
  2. Islam deems all other religions and ideologies as inferior and are not tolerated once Islam gains control or majority status.
  3. Muslim populations are growing at a rate many times faster than non-Muslim; majority status will be reached in many western nations within 20-30 years.
  4. Islam breeds intolerance and calls for violent actions against those who mock, criticise or depict the religion in ways they believe are offensive.  Consequently, freedom of speech would no longer exist.
  5. Islam promotes discrimination against and subservience of women.  By western standards Islam promotes the physical abuse of women.
  6. Islam promotes or condones honor killings of those who bring discredit to the Muslim family.
  7. Islam promotes the replacement of common law-based legal systems with Sharia law - a harsh, undemocratic, fascist legal system.
  8. Islam is "promoted" not by peaceful evangelism, but through deception, intimidation, threats, violence, and terrorism.
  9. Islam's practice of "taqiyya", or purposeful deceit, is Islam's greatest skill set and weapon (tied with terrorism).  Taqiyya promotes the myth of a "moderate" Islam and falsely portrays "moderate" Muslims.
  10. Islam would not be Islam if it did not practice all of the above.  See "The Frog and the Scorpion." 
Here is a link to another perspective of why Islam is a threat.
Islam is a threat as long as non-Muslims embrace all "religions" as equals and Muslims continue their supremacist jihadi conquest to impose Islam on the world.